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Twitter rage: Singer Adam Levine accused of cultural appropriation for his “corn hawk” hair style

Some people have way too much time and rage on their hands.

From Daily Mail: Adam Levine has been accused of cultural appropriation after unveiling a new haircut, which he has dubbed the ‘corn hawk.’

The Maroon 5 frontman, 40, revealed the unusual look featuring three cornrows down the center of his head and the rest of his hair shaved off.

Social media quickly responded the controversial hair style, with one user writing: ‘Another privileged white man without a clue.’

‘Why does @AdamLevine look like that sh***y rapper from the Trailer Park Boys? First you do the Halftime Show (Super Bowl), which was an all-time low, now this! Cultural appropriation plus you look like a moron,’ another Twitter user wrote.

Another tweeted: ‘Another privileged white man without a clue.’

Meanwhile gossip reporter Perez Hilton summed up the look with two words: ‘The caucasity!’

One person questioned whether it was cultural appropriation or a ‘mid-life crisis.’

Another wrote: ‘Dear Adam Levine… look at your life and then look at your choices.’

Others were adamant that white men should not be wearing their hair in cornrows, with one observer writing ‘Listen I’m all about rockin’ your own style and “you doing you.” But, someone please tell Adam Levine that dreadlocks for white dudes is NEVER ok.’

Read about the manufactured drama here.

So where’s the outrage for the following examples of “cultural appropriation?”

Guess the motto, “my body my choice” can never apply to a hairstyle you want to rock.


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