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In the day of great slaughter

… when the towers fall,

…streams of water will flow on every high mountain and every lofty hill.

…The moon will shine like the sun, and the sunlight will be seven times brighter, like the light of seven full days, when the Lord binds up the bruises of his people and heals the wounds he inflicted. – Isaiah 30:25-26

Something terrible happened September 11, 2001.
It was indeed a day of great slaughter when the towers fell. It matches the mysterious event spoken of by Isaiah the prophet. Was Isaiah speaking exactly to our moment in history? In my opinion, God’s word speaks to us all in a great variety of situations. In His manifold wisdom, one word accomplishes many things, more than we can count.

For me, this scripture lit up like a beacon, capturing my attention through the mention of an unforgettable shared trauma. And here’s the remarkable thing. He announces that this horrible satanic attack also triggers a great spiritual outpouring of Grace and Living Waters, far more than adequate to heal our wounds and meet the challenges of our time head on.

That’s what I get out of this amazing passage.
How about you, dear readers?


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9/11 Story – Marine Corps Love

On September 11, 2001, a hijacked plane knifed into the side of the Pentagon. We all know that. What very few people have heard is shortly afterwards, the director of a nursery in the building stood looking at the children in her charge, wondering how to move all of the babies and toddlers to safety.

A marine rushed into the room and asked if she was alright. She needed help and she told him that. He turned and ran out; the woman assumed that he had gone away for good. As she formulated a plan of action, she heard footsteps in the hall. The man had returned—this time, though, he was not alone. At least forty other Marines followed him.

They picked up the babies in their cribs, the toddlers, the helpless infants. They carried them through the halls and to a nearby park, where they arranged the cribs in a circle and set the toddlers in the middle. Then they stood guard outside, never allowing the children to be unattended.

When I first saw this picture, I thought that the man carrying the children was their father. Now I realize that he was not related to them by blood, but by nationality. He is an American. They are American children.

He is not their father, he is their protector. He’s a United States Marine.

H/T to Ann in Arizona

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Obama went to bed after being told about Benghazi attack as it was happening

On September 11, 2001, President George W. Bush was told that a passenger plane had flown into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York, followed by another. Bush then promptly went to bed.

No, that didn’t happen. But if it had, we’d still be hearing the outcry from the MSM.

4 days ago, on September 21, 2012, a Fox News Special Report conveyed the startling news that Barry Soetoro Obama was informed about the attack on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya, within 90 minutes of it beginning.


B.S. Obama undoubtedly was told that the attacks involved AK-47s and rocket-propelled grenades, and that our consulate staff were in grave danger, including our ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens. And yet, knowing all this and not knowing the status of Ambassador Stevens, B.S. Obama went quietly to bed.

Amb. Stevens’ body being dragged through the streets of Benghazi

Daniel Greenfield of Right Side News, Sept. 23, 2012, writes:

“Forget the 3 AM phone call. Obama couldn’t even be trusted with an 11 PM phone call. They say that only a man with a clear conscience, or no conscience at all, can sleep this way. But hey, he had to be rested for the next fundraiser and the next party. Jay-Z and Beyonce, unlike dead ambassadors and Libyan militias, actually matter.”

I don’t know why Greenfield is so upset with B.S. Obama. After all, the POS himself told CBS 60 Minutes that the attacks on our embassies and consulates and the killing of Amb. Stevens and three other Americans (Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty) are mere “bumps in the road“.

A lack of empathy is one of the defining attributes of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. B.S. Obama is a narcissist without empathy for other people. Remember his inappropriate laughter throughout his interview on the economy with Steve Kroft on CBS’ “60 Minutes” in March 2009? Kroft got so exasperated, he said to the POS:

“You’re sitting here. And you’re– you are laughing. You are laughing about some of these problems.”

Empathy is putting ourselves in another’s “shoes” so that we feel at least some of what another is feeling. Developmental psychologists tell us that empathy is an inborn trait of human beings: Even newborn babies display a primitive form of empathy called “global (or diffused) empathy” when they cry upon hearing another baby cry.

Philosophers and ethicists tell us empathy is the basis of our morality: “Do to others as you would have others done unto you”. This is why psychopaths and sociopaths not only lack empathy, they are also remorseless — without a conscience.

All of which means there’s something very wrong with B.S. Obama. Simply put, we have a monster in the White House.


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Charlie Daniels Recites Red Skelton’s Pledge of Allegiance

How appropriate as we remember those we lost on 9/11/2001.


(h/t: newsbusters.org)

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Trashy kids!

City school kids evicted from 9/11 memorial site after dropping trash in  fountains during field trip

New York Daily News:  A group of Brooklyn students on a school trip to the National September 11  Memorial & Museum were booted from the hallowed site after they callously  hurled trash into its fountains.
The vile vandals from Junior High School 292 in East New York treated the  solemn memorial — its reflecting pools honoring the nearly 3,000 people killed  in the terror attacks — like a garbage dump.
They kicked us out because of littering in the water. Kids were throwing  baseballs in the pond thing,” said eighth-grader Anthony Price, 14, of East New  York, who insisted he wasn’t one of the troublemakers.  In addition to the baseballs, witnesses reported seeing empty plastic soda  bottles and other refuse in the water on Thursday.
They were making jokes and throwing stuff in the fountain. It didn’t seem  like a big deal,” added another student on the trip who refused to give his  name.
Department of Education officials have launched an investigation into the  students’ shenanigans.
Tourists visiting the site Saturday said they were disgusted by the  students’ filthy acts.  “That is an absolute disgrace,” said Sharon Hooks, 55, a school teacher from  Hartford, Conn. “I don’t care if these children were too young to remember the  events of that day. They need to be taught to be respectful.”
Rene LaRosa, of Saddle Brook, N.J., pinned the blame squarely on the  shoulders of the students.  “If these kids were in middle school, then they’re old enough to know  better,” said LaRosa, a preschool teacher. “It’s a memorial. They showed an  absolute lack of respect.”
Even fellow students were offended.  “It’s terrible,” said Walter Douglas, 13, who said he was not on the trip but  heard about the incident from a friend. “You’re supposed to be there to remember  the people.”
In a separate incident on the same field trip, kids said one of their  classmates was busted for attempting to bring firearm ammunition to the  site.  “The kid had three bullets when they went through the metal detector,” said a  JHS 292 student who wouldn’t give his name because he feared the other kids  might take revenge.
“All the kids saw the cops come and take the bullets,” the boy added.  Police said they discovered three .33-caliber rounds in a plastic bin in the  security area of the monument on Thursday, but they did not make any  arrests.
Memorial spokesman Michael Frazier confirmed Saturday that the students were  removed from the site for tossing refuse into the reflecting pools, which  mark the footprints of the twin towers.
“It really is so sad that anyone would disrespect the souls that were lost in  the terrorist attacks back on 9/11,” said Al Hagan, president of the Uniformed  Fire Officers Association.  “One can only hope that these children do not become lost and that they learn  from their mistakes.”
“No one was disrespecting. It wasn’t nothing like that,” said one student. “No one was being serious. Everyone was kind of bored and it was just something  to do.
The 9/11 Memorial opened for the 10th anniversary of the 2001 attacks last  year. It is “a tribute of remembrance and honor” to those killed on Sept. 11,  2001.
Where were the “teachers” while this was taking place?  Why weren’t they controlling the kids? Disrespectful little brats.

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Emergency 911 Call – Woman too Drunk to Get out of Car

Everett Woman Calls 9-1-1 After Trapping Herself Inside Own Car, Can’t Find Way Out


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There Are Good Muslims

Last Sunday before Mass began, the priest acknowledged the 10th anniversary of that terrible day, 9/11, by remembering and honoring those who died. But he also cautioned us that we shouldn’t generalize — that the guilty are not all Muslims, but those particular individuals who perpetrated the attacks.
On Fellowship of the Minds, we often bemoan why “moderate” Muslims do not speak out against the atrocities committed by their fellow Muslims in the name of Islam.
On August 31, 2011, in Washington, D.C., a group of American Muslim leaders — the American Islamic Leadership Coalition (AILC) — spoke out against the extremists’ agenda of imposing Sharia in America. This is the AILC’s motto:

As American Muslim leaders, we come together to defend the US Constitution, uphold religious pluralism, protect American security and cherish genuine diversity in the practice of our faith of Islam.

We applaud the AILC for their stance and for speaking out, and hope that more Muslims have the courage to do so. Here is their statement.

American Muslims speak out against the enforcement of shari‘ah law in America

Public Policy Alliance – Sept 5, 2011
Washington, DC (August 31, 2011) – A coalition of diverse American Muslim leaders has announced support for a proposed bill in the Michigan State Assembly, HB 4679, that is intended to bar Michigan courts from enforcing any foreign law, if doing so violates any rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and/or the state of Michigan’s constitution.
Like many Americans, members of the American Islamic Leadership Coalition (AILC) have been observing the efforts of a growing number of state legislatures, which are seeking to address the incompatibility of various shari‘ah court systems around the world with the principles and foundations of our Constitutional republic and its laws. As American Muslims, we believe that the law should treat people of all faiths equally, while protecting Muslims and non-Muslims alike from extremist attempts to use the legal instrument of shari‘ah (also known as Islamic jurisprudence, or fiqh) to incubate, within the West, a highly politicized and dangerous understanding of Islam that is generally known as “Islamism,” or “radical Islam.”
We see no evidence that statutes like HB 4769 will adversely impact the free exercise of our personal pietistic observance of Islam, which is not in conflict with the U.S. or Michigan constitutions. We recognize that not only Muslims, but also Jews, Christians and all people of faith need the government to protect their right to peaceful assembly, mediation and arbitration free of coercion, but also within the bounds of American constitutional principles. Therefore, we stand together as a diverse coalition in support of any legislation that serves to protect and integrate our communities into the fabric of this great nation, by strengthening our accountability to the laws of the land, and the constitutions of the various states in which we live.
As American Muslims we are conscious of the fact that Muslim Brotherhood legacy groups and other Islamists and their surrogates in the U.S. are trying their best to portray any opposition to manifestations of shari‘ah law as “racism” and “discrimination against Muslims.” However, as a coalition of traditional, liberal and secular Muslim Americans, we denounce this fear-mongering and playing of the race card, which only serves to mask the Islamists’ highly politicized agenda. According to AILC member C. Holland Taylor, “the Islamist agenda threatens not only the well-being of the United States and its inhabitants, but also undermines and distorts the highest principles of Islam itself.”
“Michigan House Bill 4769 seeks to ensure that American Muslims can live in freedom and safety, in accordance with our constitutional principles, and not be enveloped by the tentacles of medieval, man-made laws that have been falsely accorded divine status,” said the AILC.
“To equate Bill 4769 to racism is not only dishonest, but is a poor and clumsy attempt at making ordinary Muslim Americans feel alien in their own homeland, while creating a rift between Muslims and the rest of our country,” said AILC member Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser.
Michigan House Bill 4769 states:

“[To] …limit the application and enforcement by a court, arbitrator, or administrative body of foreign laws that would impair constitutional rights; to provide for modification or voiding of certain contractual provisions or agreements that would result in a violation of constitutional rights; and to require a court, arbitrator, or administrative body to take certain actions to prevent violation of constitutional rights.”

The AILC statement reinforces the American Muslim community’s commitment to the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause and the separation between religion and state. Unfortunately, Islamist groups would like to compromise this separation and provide cover to medieval, misogynistic and homophobic laws that no Muslim is obligated to demand as public law.
“Shari‘ah law, wherever it has been applied in the public domain, be it in Iran, Saudi Arabia or Pakistan, has resulted in untold misery and oppression of Muslims, in particular Muslim women, by Islamists and dictators who invoke shari‘ah law to justify their rule,” said AILC member Manda Ervin. “Many of us fled the Muslim world to escape shari‘ah law and to practice Islam in our personal lives, by moving to the USA and other western countries. We do not wish these laws to follow us here,” she concluded.
The Michigan state senators are not alone in expressing concern about foreign laws creeping into North America under the guise of religious freedom. Many Muslim academics, religious scholars and human rights activists have voiced their concern.
The contrast between what has occurred in Britain and in Canada provides a roadmap for how the U.S. may address these legal issues. In Britain, shari‘ah arbitration courts have been allowed to assume virtually unchecked control of legal arrangements in many Muslim communities. This is creating a ghettoized, medieval and separatist state within Britain. In Canada, however, local Muslims led strong opposition to the Islamists’ shari‘ah agenda and were successful in preventing its implementation, thereby sparing our Northern neighbor the fate of so many Muslims in the United Kingdom, where women are commonly subjected to forced marriage and the denial of basic human rights.
“We Muslims in Canada defeated an attempt by Islamists to sneak shari‘ah law into Ontario,” said AILC member Tarek Fatah, who has been on the front lines of this struggle for many years. “We recognized the damage shari‘ah had inflicted on Muslims in the UK, and its oppressive nature in Muslim-majority countries, and decided to oppose it. We urge American Muslims not to succumb to the Islamists’ propaganda, and to back the Michigan Bill, which will protect Muslims and non-Muslims alike from the impact of foreign laws that violate the U.S. or Michigan constitutions.”
About the American Islamic Leadership Coalition (AILC)
The American Islamic Leadership Coalition (AILC) is a diverse coalition of liberty-minded, North American Muslim leaders and organizations. AILC’s mission advocates for defending the US Constitution, upholding religious pluralism, protecting American security and cherishing genuine diversity in the faith and practice of Islam. AILC provides a stark alternative to the Islamist organizations that claim to speak for what are diverse American Muslim communities. For more information on AILC, please visit our website at https://www.americanislamicleadership.org/.
AILC Coalition Signatories

Bahman Batmanghelidj
Founding Member
Alliance for Democracy in Iran
Virginia, USA
Manda Zand Ervin
Alliance of Iranian Women
Maryland, USA
Tarek Fatah
Muslim Canadian Congress
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Jamal Hasan
Council for Democracy and Tolerance
Baltimore, MD
Farzana Hassan, Ed.D.
Past President
Muslim Canadian Congress
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M. Zuhdi Jasser, M.D.
American Islamic Forum for Democracy
Phoenix, AZ
Hasan Mahmud
Member, Advisory Board
World Muslim Congress
Dallas, TX
C. Holland Taylor
Chairman & CEO
LibForAll Foundation
Winston-Salem, NC
Jalal Zuberi, MD
Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Morehouse School of Medicine
Atlanta, GA
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Stairs to Heaven – A Daughter's Tribute


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Remembering 9/11


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9/11 Tribute God Bless America


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