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What Obama saw at his inauguration

Yesterday, on his way to and back from his inauguration ceremony at the Capitol Building, the POS saw these scenes as his motorcade passed in front of the Navy Memorial on Pennsylvania Avenue.

abortion at 2013 inauguration2abortion at 2013 inauguration1abortion at 2013 inauguration3

How come we didn’t see this in the MSM’s reports yesterday? [Snark]

Steven Ertelt reports for LifeNews.com, Jan. 21, 2013, that a pro-life group, Created Equal, had set up the graphic abortion pictures.

Mark Harrington, the director of Created Equal, talked about why his organization set them up:

“On January 21, 2013, President Obama put his hand on the Bible and swore ‘to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States, so help me God.’ That same Constitution that he swore to uphold reads that we are to ‘secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.’ Our posterity is a reference to our offspring – preborn children. Because Obama supports abortion and infanticide, he violated his oath of office the moment he put his hand on the Bible. The irony is Obama swore to protect the rights of future preborn children while at the same time defending the injustice of abortion. Many Americans have become numb to the fact that an entire generation has been lost to abortion. We hear their cries for justice, and we will not be silent. We will defend them.”

I’m surprised the pro-life protesters weren’t arrested for being “low level terrorists” — which is what the Pentagon thinks. [Snark]

See also “Obama is evil,” on the ice-hearted POS voting three times against the Born Alive Infants Protection Act, thereby consigning to death babies who survive a botched late-term abortion.

If you’re among the 62,615,406 Americans who had voted to reelect this POS, the blood of the millions of unborn human beings who will be aborted in the four more years to come is on your hands.