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Breitbart at CPAC 2012 – This Year Obama Will Be Vetted


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MoveOn.org Copycats TEA PARTY

Thanks to my friend, Kelleigh, for this email alert from Tennessee conservative, JB Williams.  He passed along this little item as a heads-up that the Ultra-left is fundraising to support their astroturf.  In my opinion, they’re trying to re-energize their base for Obama’s 2012 campaign.      ~LTG

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Only 26% of Americans Think Obama is Reëlectable

A new POLITICO Power and the People poll finds that only 26% of American people believe Obama will be reëlected in 2012!
This is in stark contrast to the political ruling class, such as Democrat elites Douglas Shoen and Patrick Caddell who, although they recommend a one-term presidency, nevertheless still think the Fraud is reëlectable.
Read the rest of the Politico article HERE.

It's over. Give it up, Barry Stephen Soetoro (or whatever your name is).

Meanwhile, Obama is heading out of the country again, burning up yet more gazillion tons of jet fuel, this time to Europe. He can best serve America by staying there!

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White House Insider Fears For America Under Obama

An anonymous White House insider, whom Fellowship of the Minds has named DeepThroat2 (DT2), has been talking to Ulsterman of News Flavor about behind-the-scenes turmoil in The Fraud’s administration. Here’s the latest scoop:

  • Democrats’ internal polls show a coming debacle next Tuesday, with losses for the Dems greater even than in 1994.
  • Obama continues to be inattentive to his job, instead spending all his time and energy campaigning because he loves the adulation from the duped crowd.
  • At a White House meeting on the Afghanistan war, with generals present, Obama spent only 10 minutes and laughed inappropriately.
  • Democrats are in open rebellion. DT2, for one, is adamant that he will not vote to reëlect Obama in 2012.
  • Things are so bad, DT2 not just fears for his party (Democrat), he fears for America.

Below are excerpts of what DT2 said, harvested from White House Insider: ‘They were in shock at the president’s behavior’,” by Ulsterman, NewsFlavor.com, October 25, 2010:
On the November 2 midterm elections:
“I have been given access to a significant amount of internals all across the country.  Senate, House, and governor races, and…well, it is going to be a very tough night for the Democratic Party.  It is as bad as I and some others feared it would be for us a couple months ago.  Nothing has improved –  maybe a few races here and there have tightened, but overall, it’s looking very bad for us.  Actually worse than the national polling data currently suggests even.
[Democrats will lose in the House] At least 50 – possibly a bit more.  It will be worse than what we saw in 1994, and I was around for that ass-kicking.
[The Senate] is just a bit tougher to call.  I think the Republicans right now have a 50/50 chance of taking a very slim majority.  But at the very least, they are going to gain seven seats, which will basically shut down any sure-thing Democratic Party agenda in the Senate.  We don’t fear that as much as what is going on with the House. It is going to be very difficult working with the House – the Republicans are taking on an increasingly aggressive tone heading into the election, and I think in 2011, they are going to putting on an all out offensive against the Obama agenda.”
Obama is to blame:
“President Obama and his administration -without a doubt.  The Obama White House has been a political train wreck from day one, and it isn’t getting any better at the moment.”
Obama’s shocking behavior:
“I’ll give you an example of why President Obama is not right for America.  He sure as hell has not been right for the party.  Not long ago, the president took a meeting.  He’s late, which apparently is becoming more and more common with him.  The meeting was almost cancelled.  In strolls the president, joking with an aide.  He plops down on a sofa, leans over and claps another guy on the back asking how he’s been.  Apologizes for being late, says he was “held up”.  He laughs some more.  The meeting begins.  After just ten minutes, during which time the president appears to almost totally withdraw into himself,  an aide walks in and whispers something to the president, who then nods and quickly stands up, shakes a few hands and tells another aide to update him later on the rest of the meeting.  As the president is walking out he is laughing at something yet again.  He asked no questions of those at the meeting – not one.  He left after just ten minutes, coming in laughing and leaving laughing.  His behavior during that brief time he was there was described as “borderline manic”.
That meeting was an update on Afghanistan, and the President of the United States, the Commander in Chief, could give a -expletive-. 
[White House aides] were also left to apologize to the ones left in the room after the president left.  Some of these were military. They were not happy.  No…that is not accurate. They were pissed.  They didn’t say much at the time, but word got back.  They were in shock at the president’s behavior.  The country had just lost a number of soldiers the week prior, the public opinion on the war was falling…and the president didn’t seem to care.  He arrives late, leaves early, appears to emotionally shut down during the actual discussion, and to then start laughing once again as he is leaving…how does someone reconcile with that kind of behavior?  I can’t.  It turns my stomach.  I didn’t want to believe what I was being told, but I had seen similar kinds of behavior from the president myself, and I can’t dispute the credibility of the source.  They have no reason to lie.”
DT2 fears for America:
“Working with a president is an extraordinary and terrifying thing.  In regards to my experience with Obama, it became far less extraordinary and far more terrifying.  And it’s getting worse.
Yes, terrifying.  To see one’s expectations so disappointed.  To see a figure who wields such great power and influence fall so short of the responsibilities of that power and influence…that is terrifying to witness. Initially I developed great fear for my party – for the Democrats whose political careers were being destroyed by this administration and party leadership.  Now I sincerely fear for my country.”
Obama may get reëlected in 2012:
“Absolutely.  He remains an effective campaigner – the best in politics, and these days, that can be enough to get elected.  You don’t actually have to know what you are doing – you just have to look and sound like you know what you are doing.”
DT2 will not support Obama in 2012:
“I will not support Barack Obama in 2012.  That possibility has left the table for me.  Based on what I know, what I have been told, what I have seen in recent weeks…no, I cannot support the President for a second term.  My concern for the party, for the country…my conscience does not allow me that option any longer.  Obama is not fit to be president.  He simply does not possess the inclinations necessary to lead the country.  And I don’t like saying that.  I helped the man get elected.  I was in the trenches day after day from city to city helping things get done in 2008…I take no pleasure in saying I was a part of that.  And I take no pleasure in saying Obama should not be re-elected in 2012.”
If Barack Obama is the Democratic Party nominee, I will not participate in any way in his election.  It will be the first time in some 20 years that I will have removed myself totally from the process of helping elect the Democratic Party candidate for President. I do not know if the country can survive another four years of Barack Obama, and frankly, I want nothing to do with helping us find out.  The man is an incompetent. The man is a tool of the extreme far left that has utterly corrupted the Democratic Party.  The man and those now closest to him in the administration appear to abhor America’s history.  They detest anyone who does not fully subscribe to their positions. They are corrupt, they are increasingly paranoid, and they are taking this country down a path by which we may never recover.
Enough is enough.  I will not defend, I will not support, I will not play a part in such blatant misuse of power and authority that continues to be the practice of this administration.  No more.  My primary goal now is to help as many good Democrats survive the disaster that will be the November elections, and from there, provide a far more capable and competent candidate to be the Democratic Party nominee for 2012.

I’m not alone.  There are more and more of us within the Democratic Party who are ready to challenge this president.”
Part 2 of this report tomorrow! HERE!

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