Swing sets too dangerous for Richland schools

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KOMO: Swing sets are being removed from the playgrounds at all Richland (Washington) elementary schools because they’re just too dangerous, school officials say. The district says it’s under pressure from insurance companies over the liability for injuries.
The school district’s Steve Aagard tells KEPR News the swings are being removed when schools are renovated or there’s other work on playground equipment.
“It’s just really a safety issue,” he said. “Swings have been determined to be the most unsafe of all the playground equipment.”
Each year, about 200,000 children go to the emergency room for injuries that happened on a playground, and most injuries come from children walking in front or behind a moving swing.
Muge Kaineoz’s daughter will be starting school next year in Richland. She’s in favor of the decision to remove swings. “When she starts elementary school, those swings can get crazy,” she says, adding that she once witnessed a toddler walk right in front of a moving swing. “By the time you could do something about it she was knocked out,” said Kaineoz.
Other parents see swings as a regular part of being a kid – danger or not. “They were our great joy, and we all played on them. I truly can’t remember anyone being hurt,” says Richland resident Gail Thorricellas.
If the swing are truly a danger, why aren’t they removing them all immediately, instead of waiting for scheduled renovations? Hhmmm….

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0 responses to “Swing sets too dangerous for Richland schools

  1. No WONDER kids are getting fat-it’s DANGEROUS to play. Why not eliminate playgrounds completely,and let kids enjoy recess by walking laps around the school? With the help of the safety-cops-I mean Teachers,it’s pretty unlikely any kids will get hurt walking in a circle.

  2. Guess the wild grapevine swinging or climbing to the top of mighty oaks on windy days would be outlawed today too…geesh.

  3. How in the heck did we survive childhood? No helmets. Lots of very large swings and slides and merry go rounds, good grief, didn’t our parents love us?
    This is all about saving money, to heck with the kids needing exercise.

    • It may also be because of our litigious culture: too many Americans turn to lawsuits as their first resort instead of taking responsibility for themselves. I can just see it now — a parent suing the school for junior falling from a swing.

  4. Unfortunately Dr. Eowyn is so correct on this. Lowlifes will sue for any reason these days. What surprises me is the willingness of a lawyer to aid and abet this kind of behavior. One of our sons is a lawyer and I would be so ashamed of him if he went under the table for any reason. One more comment here – when did we abdicate personal responsibility? Essentially that’s what this comes to – being responsible for our own actions. I’m getting so tired of this blame game – but then, hey, we know where the CEO of this game lives!!

  5. I hear slides can be dangerous as well, and those monkey bars…they gotta go too, the hanging rings and see-saw are too dangerous because a kid can fall off. They should also get rid of balls because a kid could get hit with one, especially dodge ball…definitely tether ball because that swinging ball is an accident waiting to happen. So, if they want 0 accidents, that means no playtime. What will they play instead? VIDEOGAMES! This way the only thing getting hurt are their thumbs and a little carpal tunnel. Sounds like a great way to bring up a child in this country. {sarcasm}

  6. Reblogged this on Patriotic Gofer and commented:
    We are raising a crop of over protected brats, being raised by Dr. Spock loving morons, who have no clue themselves of what personal responsibility is or even means. If their kid walks off a cliff, it’s societies fault for not specifically teaching him that walking off a cliff may kill you. Those of us with a few or more grey hairs sprouting about on us, grew up during a time when we were free to roam, to get on our bikes & ride across town to play with friends. We stayed out until just before dark, risking scaring heck out of our parents & getting our butts whacked when we got home. We played on swings and were SMART ENOUGH to know that if you walk in front of a swing or a CAR COMING DOWN THE ROAD, you just might get hurt. Today’s generation of brain dead children are perfect for the NWO and being controlled right down to their every movement and thought. Thank GOD I’m getting older and won’t be around a lot longer. This world is just freaking the crap out of me!
    How about you?

  7. I am completely fed up with the safety Nazis and the insurance companies that spur them on. Our children have become ignorant weaklings and brainwashed simpletons who parrot the company line ad nauseum.


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