Sweet Justice! Couple in Florida Foreclose on Bank of America

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You’ll all love this one!  It’s a classic switcheroo!  A Florida couple who paid 100% cash up front for their home was foreclosed by Bank of America.  They had to retain an attorney and after a number of months, they foreclosed on the bank for non-payment of attorney fees. (LOL!)   Full story and video here.
H/T to Kelleigh for the story and website How To Fight Foreclosure for the image!

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0 responses to “Sweet Justice! Couple in Florida Foreclose on Bank of America

  1. That is just too cool for words. 😀
    And Bank of Amigo sucks, BTW.

  2. I had a very bad experience with Bank of America and will never deal with them again.

  3. Good Ted! they are not to be trusted.

  4. Poetic justice?

  5. i don’t trust any of them.
    We bought a house ijnj 1994, and our mortgage has been sold 4 times in the ensuing years. I really keep tabs on my account on their web site. Everytime I pay extra on my mortgage I go into the site and check to make sure that they don’t accidentally forget to credit my account correctly.
    TRUST NO ONE. They have tried a few times to get me to make bi weekly payments to pay off my mortgage off a little earlier. Well I am accelerating things my way. They get their interest back faster that way too. Why should I pay that faster, when I can simply make extra principal payments. Also they have tried to get me to let them take it out of my checking account automatically. NO WAY. again trust no one.


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