Suspended VA bosses to return to agency jobs next week

Only in a government job can you majorly screw up, receive a paid leave, and then return to your position.
You would think that these employees would have some kind of remorse. You would think.
misadministration reports that Lance Robinson and Brad Curry, two Department of Veterans Affairs administrators in Phoenix, will return to work Monday, 19 months after they were put on paid leave and given termination notices. They were suspended at the outset of a crisis over delayed patient care.
Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) Legislative and Political Director Dan Caldwell said the VA “has shown that it does not take accountability, or Congress, seriously” by allowing Robinson and Curry to return to work. He said the message sent to the public is that the agency is protecting its own instead of helping veterans.
Robinson and Curry have declined interview requests since they were placed on suspension. Since May 2014, they’ve received hundreds of thousands of dollars in pay and benefits while not working.
Robinson and Curry were the subject of internal probes to determine their “knowledge, involvement and culpability” in patient-scheduling fraud and retaliation against whistleblowers.
Read all of the disgusting details here.
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4 years ago

These ‘civil servants’ enjoy the same immunity from accountability as do the politicians. We need a civilian revue board with powers to criminally prosecute these thieves.

4 years ago

They also need to be given a written list of “Performance Standards” they(and their Departments) must comply with and live up to in their work;failure would be cause for termination,if not prosecution.

Dr. Eowyn
Dr. Eowyn
4 years ago

The Obama Administration – good at nothing except unaccountability!

4 years ago

This is typical behavior in dictatorships where the government employees are considered better than the citizens. Time to take America back!