Suspect Charged With Running Over Dallas Officer Was Deported Three Times

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Unfortunately, this did not end in a case of DRT*.

Eduardo Gonzalez-Rios/Dallas Police Photo

Eduardo Gonzalez-Rios/Dallas Police Photo

CBS DFW: The man who Dallas police say ran over one of their officers Sunday night, was in the country illegally, according to Immigrations and Custom Enforcement (ICE). Additionally, Eduardo Gonzalez-Rios, 29, was deported three times since 2004, according to the agency.
He was first deported in November 2004, on the same day he was picked up near Harlingen, Texas. About six months later, in May 2005, he was picked up again near Harlingen and deported the same day.
His most recent ICE arrest was in Kansas City in September 2011. He was deported 8 days later. ICE does not know when or where Gonzalez-Rios entered the country illegally the last time.
Gonzalez-Rios is accused of hitting Detective Edmundo Lajun with an SUV early Monday morning outside the Kalua Discotheque, located at 2435 W. Northwest Highway. Police say he not only struck Lajun with his vehicle once, but Gonzalez-Rios also put the SUV in reverse to back over Lajun, causing him additional injuries. Lajun is in stable condition with broken bones and a laceration to his head.
Dallas Police opened fire on Gonzalez-Rios, who was admitted to the hospital following the shooting. He has since been transferred to Dallas County Jail and charged with Aggravated Assault on a Public Servant.
ICE says it will issue a detainer against Gonzalez-Rios while he sits in Dallas County Jail.
Dallas Police also released the following names of the three officers involved in the shooting: 8-year veteran Sgt. Shannon Browning, 5-year veteran Sr. Cpl. Antonio Barrientos and Sr. Cpl. Edmundo Lujan, who has worked with DPD for nearly 20 years.
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*Dead Right There

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0 responses to “Suspect Charged With Running Over Dallas Officer Was Deported Three Times

  1. This piece of crap, like many other criminal illegals, should be left to bleed out where they lay. Enough of the pc games!
    Best wishes to the injured officer and his family!

  2. Add his name to Kate’s and the million s hurt or killed by illegals. Blood is on H.Reids hands for coming up with the lamest excuse .

  3. And now the people have to pay for the trial and incarceration of this piece of human detritus.

  4. Isn’t someone considered a TERRORIST when they enter a Country ILLEGALLY and KILL Citizens? WHY are they NOT hanging THAT at the top of his list of charges?

  5. How much more proof is it going to take that legal immigration and deportation of illegals is severely needed?
    H. Reid should be deported, but what is even sadder is, he could have been bypassed and they could have done the right thing and voted on Kate’s law, a good beginning, but only the beginning.
    Those voting in clusters because of pressure instead of what is right, should be grounds for removal. Look at all the irreversible damage that has been done.

  6. Since being returned to his own country doesn’t seem to work–how about branding these illegal returnees on the forehead (you know the way cattle are branded.) They could use “I A” for Illegal Alien. The fact that so many of these killers have repeatedly returned to our country and then someone who has a legal right to be here ends up dead. This is just so sad, and yet the powers that be are oblivious to these tragedies. Perhaps if Harry Reid’s wife, or Nancy Polosi’s husband, or a family member of any of those who wish to do nothing about illegal entrance to our country had to suffer the death, or horrible maiming of their loved one–that might prompt them to change their minds. It’s only because they do not personally suffer that they feel no need to step up and solve this problem.


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