Susan Sarandon on Her New TV Series Satirizing George W. Bush

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Bush still living rent free in that empty space in her head…
The Daily Beast: The Oscar-winning actress opens up about her new TV comedy premiering Fall 2016 on Epix that takes aim at disgraced ex-POTUS George W. Bush.
Susan Sarandon, the Oscar-winning actress, David Bowie paramour, and paragon of timeless cool, has made it very clear that she’s no fan of George W. Bush—you know, the smirking frat boy who, as president, led the United States into a costly war under false pretenses, tanked the economy, and got his ass handed to him on live TV by Kanye West. She was one of the earliest celebrity critics of the Iraq War, and threatened to move to France if Bush was re-elected.
Well, it seems Sarandon will finally get her revenge—on the small screen.
nolteThe star of films like The Rocky Horror Picture ShowThelma & Louise, and The Client is about to begin shooting a new television series in New Mexico, Graves. Created by Joshua Michael Stern (no relation), the 10-episode show is set to premiere fall 2016 on Epix, and will be the network’s first original comedy. Sarandon will play Margaret Graves, the wife of a disgraced U.S. president (Nick Nolte) who has a “come-to-Jesus” moment and decides to go out and repair the damage he’s done 20 years after leaving the Oval Office. Meanwhile, Mrs. Graves flirts with realizing her own political ambitions.
According to Sarandon, the Nolte character is based on none other than George W. Bush. “He’s Bush,” she tells The Daily Beast. “He’s the ex-Republican president who ruined the country, did everything wrong, and wakes up one day and realizes that he fucked up. I’m his wife, and we started out as populist Republicans and, as it happens, got chewed up. So now he’s going through this big thing. Eventually, they ask me to run for the Senate because I’m like the Michelle Obama—a very popular First Lady. And there’s a crazy candidate, like a Trump, and they want me to shoot him down, so I have to decide whether or not I want to run.”
Graves will be both a political satire and a comedy of familial dysfunction, since the Graves family isn’t exactly the most stable former First Family. “We have two kids—one’s coming back from Afghanistan, and the other just tried to torch her house because her husband was fucking around,” says Sarandon.
The actress, who’s turned in a bunch of cameos and recurring parts over the years on television shows like FriendsChappelle’s Show30 Rock, and Louie, confesses to having been hesitant about joining the TV ranks, but couldn’t pass on such an excellent script.
“I don’t know what’s going to happen,” she says. “Hopefully it’s funny. Nick’s part is fantastic—it’s just so Nick. I’ve said no to TV so many times, but this one sounded so intriguing.”

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0 responses to “Susan Sarandon on Her New TV Series Satirizing George W. Bush

  1. First, I have to ask where in the world did she get the notion michelle obama is “a very popular first lady”. I have no regard for any of the bush family myself, but this just sounds like it is going one big propaganda spiel.

  2. Still fixated with the Bush Derangement Syndrome after so many years? Susan, you must be getting senile.
    Susan Sarandon is senile

  3. Dang, liberals, he hasn’t been president for over 6-1/2 years now… can you guys get off the dime already?

  4. Sorry, she is doing nothing but making an ass of herself. She can’t even admit to the damage done to this country the last 7 years. If she was honest, and she isn’t, she would be attacking the BO administration. She is stuck in liberal hell.
    At least with President Bush, we did have a man that loved his country, and his troops, and he kept us safer than we have been for 7 years. I will give him that.

  5. Michelle Obama is only popular in Sarandon’s tiny, tiny little world. She’s far from being any where near popular. Sarandon is a nut job and her consciousness is so distorted and disgusting – she definitely lives in hell. I won’t be watching this program!
    The liberals just can’t get past blaming Bush for everything. I think twenty years from now, they’ll still be blaming him for all the ills of America and the world which shows how out of touch with reality they are. They need psychological help.

  6. Susan Sarandon is an airhead, but she is a good actress. (Most actors are hard leftists, but their acting is superlative. How to explain it?)
    Before the real history of our Age can be written properly, it first has to be exposed. I can think of no other group of criminals who have done the amount and extent of damage to America as the Bush Family, beginning with Prescott. Remember first, these people are Skull & Bones, and their allegiance IS NOT to the United States; It is to the British Crown.
    I have learned a lot from Webster Tarpley and Russ Baker, two intrepid journalists who have done the Lion’s Share of the heavy lifting with these monsters.
    I hope the Epix series does well. (I also remember “That’s My Bush” from around 2003, which was popular and funny).

  7. WOW!!! AReal BROOM RIDER!!


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