Susan G. Komen halts grants to Planned Parenthood

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Via Breitbart: The nation’s leading breast-cancer charity, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, is halting its partnerships with Planned Parenthood affiliates—creating a bitter rift, linked to the abortion debate, between two iconic organizations that have assisted millions of women.
The change will mean a cutoff of hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants, mainly for breast exams.
Planned Parenthood says the move results from Komen bowing to pressure from anti-abortion activists.  Komen says the key reason is that Planned Parenthood is under investigation in Congress—a probe launched by a conservative Republican who was urged to act by anti-abortion groups.
The rupture, which has not been publicly announced as it unfolded, is wrenching for some of those who’ve learned about it and admire both organizations.
“We’re kind of reeling,” said Patrick Hurd, who is CEO of Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Virginia—recipient of a 2010 grant from Komen—and whose wife, Betsi, is a veteran of several Komen fundraising races and is currently battling breast cancer.  “It sounds almost trite, going through this with Betsi, but cancer doesn’t care if you’re pro-choice, anti-choice, progressive, conservative,” Hurd said. “Victims of cancer could care less about people’s politics.”
Planned Parenthood said the Komen grants totaled roughly $680,000 last year and $580,000 the year before, going to at least 19 of its affiliates for breast-cancer screening and other breast-health services.
Komen spokeswoman Leslie Aun said the cutoff results from the charity’s newly adopted criteria barring grants to organizations that are under investigation by local, state or federal authorities. According to Komen, this applies to Planned Parenthood because it’s the focus of an inquiry launched by Rep. Cliff Stearns,R-Fla., seeking to determine whether public money was improperly spent on abortions.
Cecile Richards, president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, has depicted Stearns’ probe as politically motivated and said she was dismayed that it had contributed to Komen’s decision to halt the grants to PPFA affiliates.  “It’s hard to understand how an organization with whom we share a mission of saving women’s lives could have bowed to this kind of bullying,” Richards told The Associated Press. “It’s really hurtful.”
Read the rest of the story here.
I’d like to know exactly what kind of breast-health services Planned Parenthood offers.  Doctors performing a breast exam? A woman can easily obtain that at a local city/county low-income health facility.  And beyond that, she should be doing her own self-breast exam each month. 
As for breast-cancer screening?  Last year I called the Seattle Planned Parenthood to inquire about getting a mammogram.  Guess what?  They don’t offer mammograms at any facilities throughout the Pacific Northwest.  It was revealed they don’t do mammograms at any of their facilities.  So what are the breast-cancer screenings they do offer?
Planned Parenthood on the defensive, claiming the loss of breast-health care services for women.  Yet the most important one – a mammogram – they don’t even offer.  And of course, they result to the “bullying” mantra.  I’d say Planned Parenthood is the bully for using our taxpayer dollars for their abortion mills and killing thousands of innocent babies.

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0 responses to “Susan G. Komen halts grants to Planned Parenthood

  1. Friends … please publicly thank Komen for taking this action to de-fund PP. Address It will take one minute to write “thank you for defunding Planned Parenthood” to Apparently, Komen is getting many complaint e-mails. Pro-lifers must unite and thank Komen. Please do this now. I did. Then, I donated to Komen. Then, I sent an e-mail to my friends asking them to thank Komen.

  2. Keep up the pressure. Pro-lifers are making a difference!

  3. The pro-abortion crowd reportedly are deluging Komen with complaints. Make your voice heard! Let Komen know you approve of their ending grants to the abortion mill Planned Parenthood. Send an e-mail to Komen:

  4. Good grief, the liberals have gone ballastic… launched a campaign Wednesday against the “the world’s largest breast cancer organization” Susan G. Komen for the Cure. “Susan G. Komen for the Cure just cut all its funding to Planned Parenthood for breast health screenings, bowing to anti-choice pressure and making breast health care suddenly inaccessible to many women,” the liberal group wrote in an email to supporters.
    Heaven forbid a private charity decide where to donate it’s money. Like I said in this post, there are plenty of city/county/state and other private health clinics where a woman can obtain breast health care. Make sure to send your email to Komen!

  5. Sent my thanks. At least it’s a start! 🙂 Kudos to Komen!

  6. SGK caved to PP. I’ve asked for my money back. This is a really sick world when people are “enraged” that their favorite baby-killing operation won’t get its money.

  7. “The media headlines today are that the Komen Foundation has reversed itself. If you gave a donation in the past few days and want it back, you should call (800) 996-3329. ”
    This information above is from Red State. I did send an e-mail demanding my chump change back; but I am going to call, too.


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