Survey To Elect Conservatives to Senate

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Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC), whose voting record carries a conservative rating of 78/100 and a “progressive” rating of 4/100, is asking conservatives to take an online survey run by the Senate Conservatives Fund to elect conservatives to the Senate.
There are 10 questions. It took me only a couple of minutes to take the survey.
While I am generally quite cynical about surveys that politicians ask us to take, I think this one is worth doing because of the 3rd question. It asks what we think the next Congress should do with respect to ObamaCare, with the following choices:

  • Repeal
  • Make targeted but not comprehensive changes
  • Make no changes
  • Not sure

We absolutely must make it clear to the GOP we want ObamaCare repealed!
Go HERE for the survey.

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Doc's Wife

Tried to take it, but it says that I already did. I didn’t take it yet.


Why is there a rhinoceros in the picture? That makes no sense at all; the symbol for Democrats is an elephant. Kind of embarrassing.