Supreme Ct upholds Obamacare's Individual Mandate

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Briefly, as I have morning chores to do —
The Supreme Court just handed down their ruling on Obamacare. They’re upholding the most controversial part of the “health care” law — individual mandate.
SCOTUS’s reasoning is that the Individual Mandate is a tax, and it is within Congress’ power to tax (and spend).
This means that if you refuse to get health care coverage, the IRS can come after you and you’ll be subject to a fine, if not imprisonment.
However, being a tax, this also means that the Individual Mandate can be challenged in Congress, as it is Congress that has the Constitutional power over tax and spending.
So, in short, before I find out about the details of SCOTUS’ ruling, Obamacare will continue to be litigated and it will just drag on forever.
Thanks, Supreme Court justices, for nothing.

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0 responses to “Supreme Ct upholds Obamacare's Individual Mandate

  1. Every decision by the courts lately has been disappointing.

  2. Roberts just outed himself as one of the Communists against the Constitution! Time to roll is about here folks. Don’t let the bastards wear you down! The Constitution is the “Law of the Land” it must stand. Come what may.

  3. Eyes Wide Open

    The finest minds in Washington (which isn’t saying much) funded by our money combine to destroy the nation. I’ve never been prouder to say I’m a citizen of the United Socialist States of America. Long live our brave, courageous, fearless, golfing leader.

  4. Time to get even. Rewrite your wills and trusts.

  5. The heat will be on for Romney to succeed, I say that confidently. A landslide, an avalanche or a Tsunami is coming this November.

  6. PUNT!

  7. Why did it take 3 1/2 yrs to decide this? And, to think these SCJ are in office for life. No wonder this administration can’t get anything done on time. Fire the lot of them, and start over with someone with balls.

  8. I am beyond shocked on this! Thanks Roberts……….

  9. We The People just don’t get it. No Revolution for the ankle grabbers.
    This shows that there is no recourse but opposition with force behind it.
    Right! Patrick Henry, “Give me liberty or give me death”. And the government says, ‘you want death, well we can accommodate’.

  10. America is dead.
    The SCOTUS has killed it.
    John Roberts should be hung from the Washington Monument.

  11. Goodbye to my healthcare coverage. Goodbye to investors in the United States. Hello to a plumetting stock market and economy. I hope you’ve all acquired gold and silver for the hyperinflation to come. The “Arab Spring” will have nothing on the “Obummer Summer”. The fiat money of this country will be worth less than euros in short order. The good thing is gas prices will fall due to decreased demand. No one will be buying but the prices will be lower. 😉 Good times, good times!

  12. Looks like our “fearless leader” succeeded in intimidating S.C.O.T.U.S. and they slipped the noose on semantics. Boehner had better come down hard on this.

  13. 60,000 college students are cellebrating in the streets of downtown Portland.

  14. This gives the government the right to be able to deduct money from your checking account without your consent. Does this worry anyone else?

  15. I am distraught and disappointed. The individual mandate was found unconstitutional under the Commerce Clause, but was found constitutional as a tax as Dr. Eowyn said above, because Congress has the power to tax and spend. However, we must read the entire decision to understand all of its ramifications.
    Although Obama claims this as a victory, being it is now a “tax,” this clearly could affect Obama adversely in the upcoming election. When Obama was interviewed by George Stephanopolis about Obamacare, he claimed it was NOT A TAX. He did not want the public to perceive that he was bringing upon them another TAX.
    In any event, we will see, and as Dr. Eowyn said, the litigation continues on. I am aghast at the deciding vote rendered by Justice Roberts. I am stunned.

  16. Horace: I consider this the worst part of the fiasco that went down this morning. Imagine the people from Acorn pilfering through your savings and checking accounts at will. They are the ones that will be given government jobs to do this.
    I’m going to take my money out of savings today, leaving only about $150 in checking for them to play around with. Only getting 0.5% at Wells Fargo, so not losing anything by taking the money out. It’ll be much safer in my hands.

  17. Dr Eowyn, get out the Constitution of the USA and read Article 1, Section 9. “No capitation, or other direct, tax shall be laid, unless in Proportion to the Census or Enumeration herein before directed to be taken.” I’m not certain the ACA is constitutional as a tax, no matter what the SCOTUS says. There had to an amendment to levy income tax for it to be constitutional. You have a lot more expertise than I do, let us know what you think about this.

    • Dear Horace,
      I am aware of the arguments that the IRS is an illegal entity. I’ve never really looked into it. Will try — in addition to writing 5-6 posts a day! LOL

  18. no mas

  19. Coming soon to a hopsital near you…


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