Supreme Court justice Ginsburg rushed to hospital; Demonrats offer to donate their ribs

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Although last Tuesday’s mid-term elections saw the Demonrat Party gain majority control of the House of Representatives (225 to 197), a saving grace was that the GOP retained control of the Senate (52 to 46), and even gained at least another seat.

That means not only will President Trump not be impeached, he will have the Senate’s support in his judicial nominations, including to the Supreme Court in addition to the two justices, Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, in less than two years.

That is why the Left are terrified.

So bloodthirsty are they to preserve women’s right to murder tiny, unborn human persons that Demonrats actually flocked to offer their ribs and other organs to SCOTUS justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who was rushed this morning to the George Washington University Hospital in Washington, D.C. after fracturing three ribs from a fall.

Hollyweirdo Alyssa Milano, 45, who exposed her sagging boobs in a low-cut blouse at the September 27 Kavanaugh Senate hearing, tweeted:

Ruth Bader Ginsberg can have my ribs. And my kidneys and a lung. And anything else she needs. She can even have my husband on Thursdays.

There were offers from other Demonrats:

Dear Justice Ginsberg, I am so happy to hear that you’re going to serve until you’re 90. If you need any organs during that time or any blood donations ( I am A+) I’m your girl.

— Suzanne Iorio (@Suzann1111) July 30, 2018

I would give Ruth Bader Ginsberg any of my vital organs at this point, before or after my death.

— Kathryn Nichols (@katnicho7608) July 30, 2018

I stand by my offer to donate any and all of my organs to Ruth Bater Ginsberg whenever she needs them

— z’oy (@zschatt) June 30, 2018

One Demonrat even offered to donate all of its organ to Ginsburgh even if it is still alive (note: I use the pronoun “it” to avoid being cisgender):

I have changed my organ donor status so that now all of my organs go to Ruth Bader Ginsberg EVEN IF I AM STILL ALIVE.

We need her now more than ever

I love you RBG.

— Planet Resist (@PlanetResist) July 10, 2018

Supreme Court spokeswoman Kathy Arberg said in a statement:

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg fell in her office at the Court last evening. She went home, but after experiencing discomfort overnight, went to George Washington University Hospital earlier this morning. Tests showed that she fractured three ribs on her left side and she was admitted for observation and treatment.

According to Breitbart, the extent of Ginsburg’s injury was not clear at press time. Rib fractures are common among older adults, particularly after falls. The severity depends in part on whether the ribs are cracked or broken all the way through, and how many are broken.

85-year-old Ruth Bader Ginsburg had already had two bouts of cancer: colon cancer in 1999; pancreatic cancer in 2009. Cancer is prevalent in her family. (The Hill)

Another elderly Supreme Court justice is Stephen Breyer. Generally associated with liberals on the court, he is 80. Based on Centers for Disease Control life tables, the odds of Ginsburg and Breyer dying by 2021 are, respectively, 36.34% and 26.45%. (Source: Slate)

Then there’s Justice Sonia Sotomayor, 64, who has Type-1 diabetes. In January 2018, she had a “health episode” stemming from her diabetes. Paramedics were called to her Washington, D.C. home to treated her for low blood-sugar symptoms.

According to a Scottish study published in the Jan. 6, 2015 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, people with type 1 diabetes have a lower life-expectancy, despite improved treatment of the disease and its complications. Men with type 1 diabetes lose about 11 years of life expectancy compared to men without the disease; women with type 1 diabetes have their lives cut short by about 13 years. (WebMD)

Meanwhile, yesterday Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said his “top priority” for the rest of the year and into the new Congress is filling the judiciary with President Trump’s judicial nominees:

“The president, I think, has done an excellent job in picking young men and women who believe the job of the judge is to follow the law and we intend to keep confirming as many as we possibly can as long as we are in a position to do it. It’ll still be my top priority in setting the agenda here in the Senate.”

McConnell also said the Senate has been successful in making two Supreme Court appointments and 29 circuit judges, adding that, “we’re not through doing those this year.”

John G. Malcolm, vice president of the Institute for Constitutional Government and director of the Edwin Meese III Center for Legal and Judicial Studies at The Heritage Foundation, said President Trump has appointed a record number of highly-qualified judges to the federal courts of appeal, and that his judicial appointments may well be the most enduring legacy of his administration.

According to Mark Taylor, the firefighter prophet who claims God speaks to him and had predicted the presidency of Donald John Trump on April 28, 2011, said Trump will get to appoint five Supreme Court justices during his tenure as president. On February 16, 2016, “Do Not Fear America,” Taylor prophesied:

“The Spirit of God says, ‘5, that’s right, 5 Supreme Court Justices will be appointed by my new president, my anointed. I will choose 5 through my anointed to keep those alive.

I will stack the court with those that I choose, to send a clear message to the enemy, that you lose! This is the miracle that I will perform, so that MY COURT will be reformed.’”

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39 responses to “Supreme Court justice Ginsburg rushed to hospital; Demonrats offer to donate their ribs

  1. Ruthy, I’ll donate all the wine you can hold so as to keep you home in recup mode, take your time getting well, a leave of absence will do you good. Get well………..not so soon.

  2. “Bater…”

    Offering your body organs/ribs to someone you don’t know is some nice virtual signaling.

    Why aren’t these people already giving their organs to people who are on the organ donor list?

    Heck, just cut out your organs now and ship them on ice to DC, just in case Ruth might need them…

  3. Ginsburg will continue to experience more frequent situations, whether by accident or health related, that will force her to retire before reaching age 90. I wouldn’t be surprised if she falls asleep during court meetings and special occasions, as she frequently does, and just doesn’t wake up.

  4. Since RBG frequently falls asleep in her chair (yes, even during hearings), they will probably have to strap her in.

  5. They should take up an organ collection at MSNBC. Reggie Madcow would contribute (eew!), Larry O’Donnel can give an ovary.

    Is she going to stay there until she can’t fog a mirror? They’ve probably got the same taxidermist working on her as the one for Hillary.

  6. They could always embalm her with Supreme Comrade Lenin. Forward!

  7. They pulled a Katharine Graham on Ruth. When these women reach mid eighties their job is done. Feinstein next? How old is Pelosi? Darn, only 78.

  8. Recurrent falls in the frail elderly may indicate an underlying neurological disease such as Parkinson’s, which is characterized by gait instability. Certainly frailty of the aged. She’s lucky she didn’t break a hip.
    While everyone wants the best for Justice Ginsberg, we also want the best for the country since she is in one of the most important positions in the country.
    Likely, she will need to have a medical attendant at all times now if she is going to insist on staying on the court, which appears to be her intention since she is a recurrent fall risk, and has broken ribs twice now.

  9. I would like to donate my hemorrhoids to Chuck Schumer for a brain transplant….

    • That’s very thoughtful of you. Perhaps Lawrence O’ Donnel could use this boil on my butt.

    • Man, I’m glad I wasn’t eating or drinking anything; it’d be all over my computer right now! That, sir, is the comment of the week!

  10. Feinstein was a major supporter of Jim Jones’s People’s Temple in San Francisco in the 70s when Jones was made housing commissar of that city no less. Later, after the Jonestown Kool Aid party, commie-atheist, sexual-degenerate, and leftist hero Jones was sheep-dipped by the msm and came out identified as a Christian fundamentalist, fixing the kosher identitarian myth that it’s Christianity not the left causing most violence in this world.

    I got this from a review today of a new book, Cult City, exposing the hippie freaks and commies like Feinstein running amok in San Francisco 40 years ago, who themselves have long been reverse sheep-dipped of their commie fleas by the msm and today parade around mistaken for statesmen.

  11. Robert Gettings

    RBG is now toast. She won’t be back. POTUS gets to pick yet another SCJ with a majority Senate. Looks like the Blue Wave was someone peeing in a mud puddle.

  12. I guess somebody forgot to change out the batteries they shove up her arse to keep her going.

  13. Meet our next Supreme Court Judge.

    Liberals Target Judge Amy Coney Barrett

  14. I’m sorry the Old Buzzard took a fall and broke her ribs. I hear that the pain from a broken rib is EXQUISITE.

    Be that as it may, Ruth Honey Badger is a communist pest who has stayed on the Court long after her expiration date. Looking at her is almost like looking at an oil painting. But I kind of get it: If I make it to that age, I think my sole raison d’etre may very well be to just… LINGER. My excuse is that I’m not out to wreck the Country!

    Don’t untie your bun, Ruth—your face might sag a couple feet! (Sorry—I just couldn’t resist!)

  15. THAT is why it’s good we have a stronger Senate majority! I knew that old bat, RBG, would go soon; I didn’t think it would be THIS soon…

  16. I hope she recovers, and then hops on her ’50’s classic broomstick, and flies into the setting sun.

  17. I think all those volunteered body parts should be surgically removed immediately, just in case they are needed. THAT would be a gesture of substance on the part of these airheads who think we are airheads.

  18. Mark Taylor is anointed with the Holy Ghost and speaks with authority.

  19. Good thing she didn’t roll out of that chair. The libatards wouldn’t be able to find a donor for a brain transplant.

  20. The jews in the Demon Rat Party knew that she was leaving – even before the Kavanaugh hearings.

    Supreme Court Jewstice, the former ACLU lawyer, “Ruth Bader Ginsburg [85, appointed by the raping traitor, Bill Clinton], Will Retire from the US Supreme Court in January, 2019” – She also just broke 3 ribs in a fall, but that is not covered here. That leaves just 2 more jewesses hatching the Supreme Court’s snake eggs, Kagan and Sotomayor.

    New USA Rule by the American people:


    “U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has had a re-occurrence of malignant melanoma, she has told her law clerks. Ginsburg was treated in 1999 for colon cancer and had surgery in 2009 for pancreatic cancer.

    She has told key Democratic members of the Senate about her medical condition, including ranking Democratic member of the Judiciary Committee Dianne Feinstein. This explains in part the “take no prisoners” attitude of the Democrats during the Kavanaugh nomination, carefully orchestrating weak 37 year old allegations against Kavanaugh by Women he barely remembers knowing in High School and College.”

  21. Unlike many other “prophets,” I am keeping an eye on Mark Taylor. He may indeed be the real deal.
    And “justice” Ginsburg’s seat may be the next opening. How wonderful to replace a pedophile-sympathetic judge with a man or woman of moral authority.
    No wonder the Hellywood swamp creatures are in panic.

  22. The rib donating site is at my residence, in the building that looks something like a garage. Don’t be put off by the sound of chainsaws, my neighbor is making firewood.

  23. If thè woman is so dang smart, why hasn’t she retired? We haven’t been getting 100% from her for years. Her health sucks, she can’t stay awake, which should disqualify her alone, and she can’t seem to keep her mouth shut and her political views neutral. She should step down, yesterday.

  24. Milano could donate her brain to Ginzberg but, I doubt there would be a difference in tangled neurons or function.

  25. Now they’re saying she’s leaving Tuesday. Can you feel the howl building? Michael Moore will eat his way through WallMart over this. I love it. It’s time to start indicting some of these creeps, starting with Clinton.

    It’s time to reel this in. Some of these cocky mutants need to be rounded up. They need the full “reverse Obongo”. Time for Ruthy to go play shuffleboard and Maxine to go back to the dollar store.

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