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May no soldier go unloved

As the tenth anniversary of 9/11 arrives tomorrow, there will be many remembrances and tributes. has this message on their website:
“Please join the 9/11 Tribute Movement by briefly describing what you will do this year, a good deed, charitable activity, or other plans, to honor the 9/11 victims, survivors and those that rose in service in response to the attacks.”
As I will reflect on 9/11 tomorrow, I choose to support our soldiers that were inspired to serve, especially if they chose to do so after 9/11.  For the past three years, I have participated with Soldiers’ Angels.  I have “adopted” soldiers that I send letters to once a week and a care package to them once a month.  You are committed to do this for them for the length of their deployment, typically just a year.  What I like best about this is that you don’t send money to an organization, not knowing how it is being spent.  You spend your money on stamps and items for care packages, knowing that they are being sent directly to the soldier.

I recently received an email from one of my adopted soldiers. He stated, “First of all, let me thank you for letters and care packages. It means a lot to us that we have the support of the American people regardless of their political views. Second, let me apologize for the delay in getting back to you. It’s been a busy few weeks and I just recently got back from R&R leave as well. Imagine my surprise to find letters and boxes waiting for me on my return! Once again, thanks for your support!” (This photo is NOT my adopted soldier as I cannot reveal his identity.  This is a random photo from the internet.)
If you can’t commit to support a soldier for a year, you can sign up for a one time (or more) commitment to a soldier at  You can choose a soldier from any branch, where the unit is from, or what country they are in now.  This site allows the soldiers to post notes, give you updates, and they can request specific items.  I’ve heard back from several soldiers I sent packages to:
“We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your generous contributions to our office.  Your kindness is a reminder of the wonderful support, faith, and hope of patriotic Americans.  Thank you and God Bless!”
“My guys and I greatly appreciate everything you sent us.  It sure did raise everybody’s morale, and morale is what we all need right now.  Trust me we use everything you sent us.  Thanks again for the package and the support.”
While we remember the victims of 9/11, please also remember those that continue to fight for us.

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  1. Thanks, DCG. I’ve been thinking about this. Now, if God will bless me with the contract I’m hoping for so I can afford it. 🙂 I don’t want to commit without a way to follow through. Knowing it’s so easy is really helpful.

  2. Just saw a documentary made by two french filmmakers as they were filming from June to September 2001 a group of fire fighters in New York. They accidentally caught on camera the first plane and the work of these heroes. It made me cry, I feel so much pain for what happened even if I don’t live in the USA and I am not a New Yorker, it makes you feel you are. The world does not feel as safe since that fateful event. Thanks for remembering.all who died and are still suffering to this day. May God Bless their souls. My dearest wish is one day to live with people of good will in a World of Peace.

    • I saw that French documentary on PBS quite awhile ago. It was a touching and remarkable work by your countrymen. Thank you.

    • Thanks for your reply. Some people wrote that they miss the way people felt united against this horrible ennemy and how they felt solidarity and warmth. It goes to prove that in worse case scenarios, some folks bring out the best in them. But when things get back to “normal” they forget but it still shows that human beings have the power inside of them to be good, it takes more effort than just being cruel and give in to evilness.
      I felt so sad last night thinking of all these good people who died and the hatred in the world just hurts me so much. A lot talk about “God” but they are full of violence; I always thought that if all the people who say believe in God were actually telling the Truth we would live in a beautiful world. That leads me to believe that a lot of them are not sincereI maybe a dreamer like John Lennon said but I really hope this world will change big time,

  3. Adopting service people is a great idea. What kinds of things do you send in your care packages?

    • First & foremost, letters of support! Next, simple things like chapstick, meals that can be made w/water, and baby wipes. Showers R a premium
      there & our guys need to be clean. They would appreciate anything u can send their way!


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