Support Our Soldiers!

May no soldier go unloved!

We here at the Fellowship fully support our men and women that serve to protect us! I have participated with Soldiers’ Angels for several years and highly recommend the organization.  You adopt a soldier,  send him/her a letter each week, and one care package each month. I prefer this as you deal directly with the soldier.
There is now a petition on-line to support the “Day of the Deployed” where you can sign up to “reaffirm patriotism and allegiance to our flag and country, and to honor our brave men and women in uniform who are selflessly putting their lives on the line to protect and preserve our way of life.” Go here to sign the petition.
The day to celebrate (as we should every day) is October 26. From the Soldiers’ Angels website:
 A day to honor the many selfless actions demanded of military members and their loved ones across the globe serves as a tangible reminder of the sacrifice being made in homes across America every day.  Every deployment reflects the deep commitment of not only the deploying member, but of the many friends and loved ones who are left behind to aid in answering our nations call.  Selfless men, women and children who are called upon to set aside their personal comfort and convenience to support the heroes they call mom, dad, father, mother, brother, sister or friend. 
God Bless our military and the families that support them. Prayers that the Angels keep them safe!

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9 years ago

Thanks for the info, DCG. I’ve never done anything quite like this, but it might be something that fits me.