Support for Weiner Shrinks

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Please just resign!

That headline was too easy to write (and it wasn’t my idea)!

As new photographs of Anthony Weiner surfaced this past Sunday (click here to see them, could not bear myself to post them here!), calls for his resignation are appearing more and more. The Detroit Free Press reports that more of his peers are calling for his resignation. This, even as he has taken a “leave of absence” to seek professional help.

The most recent photos show him in various stages of undress in the House of Representative’s House gymnasium photographing himself in suggestive positions, including in a towel clutching his crotch. And in the nude with a towel over his “private parts”.

Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats have called on Weiner to resign.  How much longer before Weinerman can survive?

Weiner is a classic example of a man suffering from narcissistic personality disorder. This man will not go down without a fight. But face it Weiner, you are toasted!


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10 responses to “Support for Weiner Shrinks

  1. This is so jacked up, I will never look at a hotdog the same ever again. 🙂

  2. I am so disgusted and sick of this guy. He does stand for the commies on the left. They have no values,no morals,no respect and that is just the beginning. Small man syndrome at its best. Wonder,what they have done during this distraction?

  3. doubledogdareya

    He would go down with no fight at all.

  4. The Bilderbergers and Weiner can relate to each other in the community of evil pricks.

  5. Zorro, I like your rapier wit!

  6. Oops, almost forgot.

    Pun intended.

  7. “Support for Weiner Shrinks.”

    Debbie, you are on a roll! LOL


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