Support for Obama drops among Jews, Blacks, and Hispanics

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Three demographic groups — Jews, Blacks, and Hispanics — who went enthusiastically for Skippy in 2008 no longer get thrills up their legs for The One.
The Weekly Standard reports on June 12, 2012, that Jewish support for Obama dropped 22 points in New York in just a month, according to the results of a just released poll by Siena College. The poll asks this straight forward question: “If the election for President were held today, who would you vote for if the candidates were [Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, or Don’t know]?
The poll found that:

  • In May 2012, 62% of Jewish New Yorkers supported Obama (vs. 32% who opposed him).
  • A month later, in June 2012, 51% of Jewish New Yorkers support Obama (vs. 43% who are opposed to him). 5% are undecided [– the “lukewarm” whom Jesus said He would spit from his mouth]. That means Obama’s current lead among Jewish voters is 8%.
  • Jewish voters in New York overwhelmingly believe that America is “headed in the wrong direction” as opposed to “the right track,” by a margin of 62% to 31%.
  • When asked these two questions: “Overall, would you say that you and your family are better off now than you were four years ago, about the same as you were four years ago, or worse off today than you were four years ago?,” only 13% of Jewish New Yorkers said that they are better off now under Obama, while 41% said that they are doing worse. (45% said they’re doing the same.)

Skippy is also doing “stunningly bad” among Blacks in North Carolina.

Brett LoGiurato reports for BusinessInsider, June 12, 2012, that a new poll from the Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling (PPP) shows Obama is rapidly losing support among African-American voters in North Carolina (NC):

  • In 2008, Obama received 95% of the African-American votes in North Carolina (vs. just 5% for John McCain).
  • But the new PPP poll finds that if the election were held today, 76% of NC’s blacks will vote for Obama (vs. 20% for Mitt Romney!) — which is a 19% drop in black support for Skippy from 2008.
  • Just a month ago, in May, Obama had received 87% of the African-American vote to Romney’s 11% — which means that in one month, black support for Obama had fallen by 11%!
  • All of Obama’s numbers with NC’s African-Americans are sliding. His approval rating is down from 86% to 77%. Romney’s favorability, meanwhile, has doubled from 9% to 18%.
  • Overall, Romney has a 48% to 46% lead on Obama in North Carolina, a crucial swing state.

Jim Williams, a polling analyst at PPP, told Business Insider: “7o-something percent is obviously low. It’s not something we’ve ever seen before. It’s definitely something we’re going to monitor. [And if the results keep turning up like this, it would be] very bad news for him [Obama].”

Then there are the Hispanics.

Tony Lee reports for Breitbart, June 13, 2012, that in 2008, 67% of Hispanics voted for Obama, but many have grown disillusioned with a president who has not lived up to his promises improve the economy.
On June 12, SEIU and Priorities USA (the Super PAC affiliated with Obama) bought $4 million worth of Spanish-language ads in the key swing states of Florida, Nevada, and Colorado in what is one of the largest independent Spanish-language buys in history.
Lee notes that “Outside groups making such a large Spanish-language television buy this early in the election season to target a group that is already in Obama’s column reveals how vulnerable Obama is among Hispanic in November.”

Dare we hope?


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9 responses to “Support for Obama drops among Jews, Blacks, and Hispanics

  1. good! I am glad they are not going to let the fraud use them as he plans too. He or his Communist administration are using them as tools,and do not give a one of them any credit that they can think on their own.

  2. Eyes Wide Open

    Why should the Jews, blacks, and hispanics be any different than the rest of us?

  3. Hardnox, those are indeed hopeful indicators! 😀

  4. I was afraid earlier; the way things are going though I do believe the rats would jump ship if he tried any overt monkey business. I think those that pull the strings are even fed up with him and I wouldn’t want to tick those people off.

  5. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this uplifting post!

  6. I’ve been getting a feeling over the last couple of weeks that maybe the tide has turned. Hope the bad poll numbers hold!

  7. Yes a false flag is a real concern…

  8. Ya them and the Zombies…

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