Super Tuesday

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From Drudge:

Romney wins Alaska, Idaho, Massachusetts, Ohio (narrowly by 1%), Virginia, Vermont
Santorum wins Oklahoma, North Dakota, Tennessee
Gingrich wins Georgia
Trouble in Toledo: Wrong ballots distributed...
Total delegate count:

  • Romney 404
  • Santorum 165
  • Gingrich 106
  • Paul 66

No. of delegates needed to win GOP nomination: 1,144
It’s looking more and more like we’re heading toward a wide-opened brokered GOP convention.  🙁

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0 responses to “Super Tuesday

  1. Dave hit the touchscreen for Newt today.
    I also voted in the affirmative to allow alcohol sales here in Cobb County on Sundays.
    LOL – Somehow, I think both of the above are related in some way.
    Let the slings, spears and arrows fly.

    • You still can’t buy alcohol in Cobb on Sundays? It was like that when I lived there in early 90’s. Change moves slowly down there 🙂


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