Sup? Sapnin?

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From Colin Flaherty’s Youtube Channel

The meaning of WASSSUPP: Black on white violence


Teachers victims of racial violence. On videos

Baltimore Knockout Game and Black on white crime

Baltimore. Again? Oh yes. It does not stop

Cyclist attacked by black mob in Baltimore had a camera on helmet

Old White Dude saves family from black mob violence attack. Gets arrested

And now Baltimore’s mayor explains it all:

Baltimore Mayor: We gave them space to destroy

This just in: a new hope for Justice!


So I repeat my question:
Sup? Sapnin?

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0 responses to “Sup? Sapnin?

  1. AWOL Barack Obama and his new AG Loretta Lynch. Also missing Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

  2. WHAT? No Jackson or Sharpton?? How did they ever get a Riot started without THEM???

  3. How did we turn back 50 years overnight? This is an irreversible shift. The last time there was this large of a rift on the country, 600,000 Americans died on fields like Gettysburg.

  4. And summer is only a month away.
    Looks like we’re finally getting the Hope ‘n Change race war the POS’s always wanted.

  5. “Social justice” is Leftist for payback– keep voting Democrat for more (Free Stuff, get yer Free Stuff!).

  6. Two words…bloodthirsty savages. I’m sorry but as a race/species they truly sicken me. 99 out of a hundred that I have encountered echo the sentiments of the thugs who savagely attach whites and other non negroes

    • Scary bunch of people. Thankfully, I can say I have a good number of “black” friends, and their behavior does not resemble these street thugs at all. Most are committed Christians who, like us abhor what we are seeing in Baltimore.
      On the other hand, I have also had personal experience with black thugs, too, and can say they are a very real problem.

      • One on one , no ……If they have you out-numbered 20 to 1 , they have all the balls in the world , countless videos have proven that fact

  7. TD, those videos are eye-openers!


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