Sunset for Culture of Life in America

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By Dr. Paul Kengor On November 12, 2012

The battle to end legal abortion in America is over. The election and reelection of Barack Obama has made Roe v. Wade a permanent part of American life, with tens to hundreds of millions of unborn babies the coming casualties. Barack Obama got two Supreme Court picks in his first term and will get more in his second.

But it’s worse than that. All of us will now be handmaidens in this destruction. In the not-so-distant past, abortion advocates didn’t demand that all of us forcibly pay for their abortions—and for Planned Parenthood, contraception, and embryo destruction. They weren’t demanding that taxpayer-funded contraception become a new “entitlement.” That, too, has changed under Barack Obama, and we will not be able to conscientiously object as faithful Catholics.

This is a devastating defeat. The heights of abortion absurdity will be thrust to once unimaginable depths.

On November 6, 2012, we witnessed the sunset for the Culture of Life in America.

And who’s to blame? The answer is Roman Catholics, or, I should say, self-identified Catholics. They make up a quarter of the electorate, and they went for Barack Obama big-time in 2008 and by 50-48 percent in 2012, mirroring and molding the popular vote.

To be sure, the numbers for 2012 are deceiving. The self-identified Catholics who voted for Obama include millions who rarely go to Mass. To the contrary, Catholics who attend Mass weekly voted for the pro-life Mitt Romney by a strong margin, 57-42 percent. White Catholics supported Romney by 59-40 percent. Sadly, they weren’t enough.

There were two groups of Catholics who elected Obama: apathetic Catholics and Hispanic Catholics. Hispanics went for Obama by an amazing 71-27 percent margin, and they were 10 percent of the electorate.

But that doesn’t let Catholics en masse off the hook. There were literally millions of Catholics who attend Mass weekly and voted for Barack Obama. In so doing, they also voted—whether they realize it or not—for the sunset of the Culture of Life in America.

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0 responses to “Sunset for Culture of Life in America

  1. Great post Doc.

    My heart breaks for all the unborn babies that will never experience their first laugh, first smile, first hug, first snuggle, first word….I could go on but tears are burning my eyes.

  2. IMO I don’t think it’s fair to group all Hispanic Catholics together. In the county I live in there are a lot of first generation Hispanic Catholics. In fact whites (me) are the minority. A Hispanic Catholic man that works for us was devastated that Obama won. He worked hard to become a legal citizen, works hard to support his family, and his faith is unshakable. He also strongly aposes illegal immigration.

    There are moochers in every group (sadly I believe it’s the majority of my generation that is the problem). Around here there are just as many whites on food stamps as there are Hispanics.

    • Well Dr. Eowyn never said there are NO Hispanics who are conservative, she simply showed us the staggering and loathsome high percentage. Obviously the fact she didn’t state 100% allows for people like you mentioned.

      • I wasn’t talking about Docs article and I wasn’t trying to be ugly at all to anyone. If I offended anyone I am truly truly sorry…that wasn’t my intent.

    • Kathy-

      Girl we must be neighbors! I’m a Texas Panhandler! 😀

      Please please know I was not trying to be ugly…I was pointing out that it was 2nd and 3rd generations. (Like my generation) I agree with everything you post on here!

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    Jesus, Mercy!

  4. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this post. Clearly, there are many individuals who are Catholic “in name only” and don’t practice their faith. It is a grievious mortal sin to support by vote or otherwise, any candidate who supports intrinsically evil practices like abortion. Not only did they help destroy our country, but what about their souls! All of this is very sickening to me and most disheartening, especially since the Catholic Church and Catholic organizations filed 43 lawsuits against the Obama administration, because Obama declared war on the Catholic Church. Nevertheless, as has been pointed out in this blog and by others here, some people only want their handouts; they don’t care about anything else. This is what is so disgusting!


    „The American Chatolic Chruch started a two week long protesting action againts the Obamacare ( reducing the price of artificial birth control), because some elements of the draft proposal are seriously harm the freedom of religion, some religious leaders said. This measure causes serious reduction in population of the traditional american christian society within the next 20 years, meanwhile the musulman population is increasing permanently.”


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