Sunday Smile: The best election night compilation video of all time

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Warning: Some foul language due to libtard butt hurt.

This will NEVER GET OLD.

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0 responses to “Sunday Smile: The best election night compilation video of all time

  1. Excellent. I love success stories.

  2. they will never change,they never thought they cant win,they never had the american nation at their hearts,they will never be true patriots,they will always be traitors of their own country,the only way possible to get rid of these bastards is to take them out…for good! America needs a new msm,a new fbi ,a new cia , a new political body,but most of all,America need to put its traitors in jails,and re-build the nation ,for the people ,w the people,people can do vote for D or R ,its teir rights,but not be devised by these libtards ,criminals n traitors…8 long n catastrophic yrs of that masonic chit garbage president obama has killed the american spirit!! wake up ,people,its now or never,support your President,President Trump against the tyrrany and evil of this world! my heart and thoughts follows you,all the way!

  3. And that’s why their heads exploded, even one year after:

    • They’re not our fellow anything. Shared borders or not, they’re a most deadly enemy, whom we can handily take down today or be slaughtered by tomorrow. The Republican establishment (aka Sheldon Adelson) will ensure we follow his Judas goats like Ryan and McConnell to the abbatoirs if we let him.
      We need to consider whether it makes sense to get rid of the Republican Party—at this point as a matter of principle—since it represents exactly the same billionaires and Wall Street houses who own the Dems. We’ve been had.
      The RINOs are throwing crumbs our way, readying for new wars on several fronts, and they acquiesce in every Dem assault on Christian morals and the family ( making abortion sort of moot when there are no more kids being conceived), but patriotic Americans still can’t believe they’ve been played for fools. Pride goeth before the fall.


    • 🙂

    • Yup:

  4. Who was that a-hole on CNN ?
    I guess I need to be more specific …….The 2nd from left who thought he was at a rap concert !
    What a wind bag !
    It was fun to see these pompous pricks eat a big shit-burger over their loss .

  5. Ah, if only they had the energy from a dozen years before…

  6. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:
    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.
    This will never be old news and now with the Nunes MEMO – the people knew all along that the Obama, Democrats, Hillary Clinton, and the fake news were corrupt. Obama and fake news fooled you all when he was elected and now all of the corruption is on the table to expose all of them, including the DOJ and the FBI.
    Oh, how sweet it is.

  7. It doesn’t open for me and I’d love to view it.

  8. I previously posted that I was not able to view the video, but it eventually downloaded.
    I like this one is also:

  9. Thanks for adding the “cause” to the Warning, DCG. It made me laugh.
    (One never wants to let a good insult go to waste.)
    ~ D-FensDogG
    STMcC Presents ‘Battle Of The Bands’

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  11. DCG . . . . that really was stellar! Thank you.

  12. The Three Stooges: Featuring Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Elizabeth Warren
    Published on Feb 7, 2017
    Pelosi Thinks “BUSH” Is President? and Waters Thinks “Putin invaded Korea??? This is a video spoof
    All In 24 hours! Chuck Schumer has Some Competition! Video By Mark F. @Immigrant4Trump

  13. In 2 more years (allowing a year for campaigning) with Donald Trump as president, the democrats will have no platform to run on against Trump.
    Never Trump Has Run It’s Course In 2016.
    4 More Years!!!! ……… 4 More Years!!!!

  14. Never ever get rid of this clip!

  15. Thanks, DCG, for this clip, and it isn’t even my birthday. I predicted that Trump was going to win at least 3 months before the election, when the pundits had Hillary winning in a landslide. Because I knew who to listen to and not the polls. I listened to people like those on this website, and many others, with actual everyday Americans who’s lives were affected by Obama and who didn’t want any legacy candidate to win. I listened to friends and to interviews on television in areas that were not the liberal bastions, like CA and NY, or NJ. I had a sense that the people of this country were sick and tired of being told by the liberal elite and also by the so called conservative elite just who they should support, and why.
    I also listened to Christians who were able to separate their feelings about a person’s character, and their feelings about a person’s political platform, and I also knew that Trump had a solid backing from much of the Christian voters, who were sick of money going to support third world abortions, etc.
    Now, just one year into the first term, I predict once again, that unless the media and the parties force him out of office, Trump will win the presidency in a landslide once again. He is doing exactly what he said he would do, and the people that voted for him know it, and will do so again. And some of the successes that he is having, with the tax bill being the biggest so far, will bring him more support. Just like the American people ignored the misbehavior of Bill Clinton, so to will they ignore the misdeeds of Trump, so long as he continues to do what he says he will do. People are fed up with being lied to. And just for the record, Trump at this point, owns the Democrats. He offers them an olive branch and they cave, and it has happened more than once. Now he offers them a pathway to citizenship for the so called Dreamers. But it comes with a price, that the Democrats refuse to even discuss. That poor decision to even discuss it will come back in 2018 to haunt them.

  16. LOL – That was the most fun night I had watching TV since me and my brother figured out how to get the Playboy Channel for free back when we were horny adolescents. 🙂

  17. Gosh! That was gratifying!


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