Sunday funny…

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6 responses to “Sunday funny…

  1. duh, I had to think about this one a bit… Cute DCG… get the poor girl some tweezers…

  2. LOL! oh my,yes-tweezers. took me a minute too!! funny

  3. Dennis H. Bennett

    She probably has Don King armpits! I’ll just stop there..

    • Dennis H. Bennett

      A friend of my oldest son had such armpits! And he joked about them, when visible. He would say, “Wow, looks like I’ve got Don King in a headlock!” What a great sense of humor. Mine just took it one step further without being edited!!

  4. The girl is cute, but she’s in desperate need of a pair of tweezers! LOL

  5. That’s not fair – people can’t help if their genetics make them predisposed to extra facial hair! America is the only country I know of that is so obsessed with looks that the first thing anyone would say is get the tweezers. Not funny. Sorry, I just think it’s mean.


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