Sunday funnies!

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h/t my Facebook friends!


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0 responses to “Sunday funnies!

  1. In New York State that drill will get you three to seven years. Ditch the pistol grip, pin the stock and slip a condom over the drill bit.

  2. The drill is awesome!

  3. I like the V8 ad best, for its ‘shock value’, but I’m weird. And that’s a very good point about the extra weight aspect to a relationship, as I can attest after I was slapped for what I thought was innocently asking, out of concern. Oh well, I added forty pounds to me since that day 20 years ago, so maybe it’s karma….

  4. The drill pic is funny! I can just see some “Progressive” going postal seeing that pic. HA HA HA HA HA HA!


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