Sunday Devotional: Speech discloses the bent of a person’s heart

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Luke 6:39, 43-45

Jesus told his disciples…
“A good tree does not bear rotten fruit,
nor does a rotten tree bear good fruit.
For every tree is known by its own fruit.
For people do not pick figs from thornbushes,
nor do they gather grapes from brambles.
A good person out of the store of goodness in his heart produces good,
but an evil person out of a store of evil produces evil;
for from the fullness of the heart the mouth speaks.”

Sirach 27:4-6, 11-12, 22-24

When a sieve is shaken, the husks appear;
so do people’s faults when they speak.
The furnace tests the potter’s vessels;
the test of a person is in conversation.
The fruit of a tree shows the care it has had;
so speech discloses the bent of a person’s heart….
The conversation of the godly is always wisdom,
but the fool changes like the moon.
Limit the time you spend among the stupid,
but frequent the company of the thoughtful….
Whoever has shifty eyes plots mischief
and those who know him will keep their distance;
In your presence he uses honeyed talk,
and admires your words,
But later he changes his tone
and twists the words to your ruin.
I have hated many things but not as much as him,
and the Lord hates him as well.

In our corrupt culture, Christianity is portrayed as a pernicious and malevolent religion bent on blocking us from the pursuit of pleasure and being who we “really” are — the satanists’ credo of “Do as thou wilt”.

What they won’t tell you is that Christianity contains much wisdom and serves as a guide to life, as exemplified in the above passages from Luke 6 and Sirach 27, instructing us to listen carefully to and heed what a person says because “speech discloses the bent of a person’s heart”.

In fact, study after study testifies to the beneficent effects of being a true and faithful follower of Christ. See:

1 Corinthians 15:58

Therefore, my beloved brothers and sisters,
be firm, steadfast, always fully devoted to the work of the Lord,
knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain.

May the peace and love of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you,


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8 responses to “Sunday Devotional: Speech discloses the bent of a person’s heart

  1. You can tell a man by the company he keeps and you can tell a man by what comes out of his mouth.

    • My Grandpa always said “You are what your friends are” and “Hang around with people smarter than you because it rubs off”… Those 2 things have never failed me.

      • Watertender . . . . Just think how lucky you are, to have a Grandpa who was the source of such great wisdom. I pity those around us who have no such anchor in their lives–I believe it is exactly why we have hoods where the young are slain by the gun. They never had any good influence, nor good friends to chum around with.

  2. …where the Spirit of the LORD is, there is Liberty. –II Corinthians 3:17 That’s in stark contrast to other religions and political powers which seek to control people with authoritarian control. As Communist political guru, Saul Alinsky counsels, “accuse others of what we do.”

    • Ron W . . . . Bravo! Your comment is right on the mark. The very reason why those who espouse different political systems want to kill the belief in Jesus Christ. Thank you for pointing that out.

    • And with Your Spirit, Amén. Ron W, Words of wisdom allows for mistakes to be corrected and not repeated.

  3. Steven Broiles

    Yes: Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. We have to have a discerning ear, and listen to the way people speak, the content they speak and accurately gauge their motives when they speak.

    Many people thought Obama was a “good speaker.” He was not: He merely got some rules of rhetoric down pat. Compare him to Chuck Schumer: Schumer speaks more accurately, with more info (especially when he speaks about consumer-related things). But the motives both share are one and the same: To round up the sheep and make sure they don’t stray. Obama was a terrible speaker, usually talking to the camera as if we were all mentally defective five-year olds; Schumer talks to people as if they’re adults without that condescension, but they’re both on the same mission.

    Donald Trump, for all his faults, is more honest and direct, possessed of certitude and much more forthright in his message and delivery: He keeps it relatively simple, and his passions are well-modulated.

    So-called Pope Francis is not honest in his declarations, and he has problems concealing his motives. How can I say this? His pronouncements are contrary to Church Doctrine (or they skate as close to the edge of the cliff as they can).

    Other examples abound. But the point is duly noted. And Our Lord in this post’s passage here is simple, without unnecessary analysis. (Intellectuals are prone to over-analysis). And as Christians, we have to examine our own motives and watch the way we talk. I, too, must do the same. But how many people “Follow the Herd!”

    • So true! Empty words always ring hollow. Obongo has been taught a form of hypnotism. His speech is all about “tone” and “rthymm” , not truth and substance. Schumer is certainly lying, but he’s attempting to lie convincingly. He uses real information to convince. He also is secure enough to know that talking down to people is not productive.

      Clinton is an interesting study too. He can come across sweet as honey until someone says something he doesn’t like. Then the REAL Willy comes out. The look of total disgust and utter contempt he gets on his face could kill lice.

      Anyone who’s been even a little involved with social groups will recognize this people. Your analysis is perfect. They only talk to us because they want something from us. Some are better at it than others.


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