Summer Solstice Started with Solar Storm?

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Maybe this is part of the explanation for those “weird” of those video clips I took Tuesday evening, June 21st, the Summer Solstice.  ~LTG


NBC has the story here with very interesting video.

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4 responses to “Summer Solstice Started with Solar Storm?

  1. lowtechgrannie

    Well, it didn’t stop me from making my video! Here’s what came from that that brief filming session:

    • Your garden is so lovely, Grannie! Your flowers and plants look so healthy.

      I’m glad you’re reclaiming Summer Solstice from the wiccans! 😀

      • lowtechgrannie

        A funny story from 20 years ago when I worked at an insurance agency. The “rookie agent” always got the oddball insurance requests. One fine spring day I was at the front desk and got a call from a mysterious organization looking for insurance coverage for an upcoming outdoor event they were planning over the May Day weekend. She was very reluctant to even reveal the name of her organization to me until I explained to her that in order to speak to an agent, she had to reveal her identity. She reluctantly told me her organization was “The Covenant of the Goddess.” When I heard that, I routed her to Tom, the new guy!

        In order to get an insurance quote for her, he needed some basic questions answered, how many people would be attending, what activities were planned, etc. She was very evasive and he came out to the lobby scratching his head. This was in the pre-internet days so he had to go to the library and look up “Covenant of the Goddess” to get something useful to submit to the insurance carriers to request a quote.

        A week later the mystery lady called back to check on the insurance coverage for their May Day weekend. She was very upset when she learned that no insurance carrier would provide coverage for “Bodily Injury” because the “rites around the fire” were secret and could not be divulged, even for insurance. Sometimes it just sucks to be a Wiccan!

        • Not to mention these wiccan rites are typically conducted “sky-garbed” — otherwise called naked. Wise move on the part of the insurance agency ! LOL


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