Summer Garden

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Music, “Moonglow” was the No. 1 Hit on June 2, 1956 on Your Hit Parade.


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0 responses to “Summer Garden

  1. Beautiful! Love the purple clematis stirring in the breeze, and the yellow and salmon geraniums! So healthy!
    Grannie, the Moonglow music reminded me of this clip from the movie “Picnic”. Dressed in a peach chiffon dress with a full skirt, Kim Novak was sexier than all the half-naked “celebrities” of today, from Madonna to Britney to Gaga.

  2. Thanks! 🙂

  3. lowtechgrannie

    Eo, I agree! It reminded me of that theme from Picnic, too. Same era, lovely melodies with just enough strings. The music nowadays often has such a harsh rhythm. There’s not much lyrical instrumental music available.

  4. Lovely!!!!

  5. The viibrant colors just swept me away…and the music was fun.I’m inspired by the water fountain…I must get one some summer.

  6. Granny , I enjoyed the vignet from picnic…one I haven’t seen.Pretty girls , dancing ,nice music….
    they don’t make them like that anymore,do they?


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