Summary of Day 5 of Obama Trial

Here’s a good summary of Day 5 of the Obama-Columbia U. trial yesterday, by

OBAMA SEDITION AND TREASON TRIAL CLOSES – After 3 hours of deliberation – VERDICT IS IN…OBAMA AND COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY FOUND GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS (Counts: Ineligibility, Mail & Wire Fraud, Obstruction of Justice, many, many more) – Church erupted in applause and cheers – trial ran late… Charges, verdict, etc., all being prepared tomorrow morning for public release. “One thing incredibly obvious…Obama never attended Columbia.” Jury examined close-up views of actual Hawaiian documents comparing them to Obama’s short form birth certificate. Former KGB and former CIA agent testified how Bill Clinton’s old CIA administration has rolled right over to form the Obama administration and how Obama worked for CIA for 4 years (1981-1985) in Pakistan assisting Mujahadeen fighters during Soviet-Afghan war. Obama is and has been operating on many false social security numbers to allow money laundering throughout his life. Evidence Obama may have traveled in the past to Pakistan using a Kenyan passport. Obama’s records are not sealed by courts, they are sealed by CIA. Reverend Manning been approached by CIA and Homeland Security. Manning has received death threats. Manning believes death threat may have come from U.S. government. Trial has been videotaped. Videotapes will be presented to Congress and public. A separate American Grand Jury trial will be held to try Obama, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Leon Panetta, CIA, and many others of “sedition” for attempting to take over the US government. “People at trial were serious.” Wednesday’s march will last from 1pm to 10pm (seven laps around Columbia University, blacks and whites walking hand-in-hand).

For a more detailed report on Day 5, CLICK HERE.

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10 years ago

The fact is that if everything Obama said is true about his past education and background, that he would have no problem providing everything up front to the country. He will not. End of story. And he talks about being thoroughly transparent and open! He thinks we are all very stupid, doesn’t he?