Suggestion Box: Obama Needs a Slogan

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According to Politico today, the Obama Campaign is in a quandry.  His campaign needs a new slogan, something to go on a bumpersticker.  Let’s help him out! 

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0 responses to “Suggestion Box: Obama Needs a Slogan

  1. lowtechgrannie

    It’s Time to Eat Your Peas

  2. Richard Greene

    How about:

  3. it’s not my fault

  4. Vote 4 Obama: not yet a convicted felon!

  5. Three guesses where my real birth certificate is!

  6. Baby. You anin’t seen nothin’ yet!

  7. lowtechgrannie

    Help Me Punch Above My Weight

  8. A vote for me is a vote for Hamas!

  9. I am not finished with you yet!

  10. Reelect me,I cannot possibly screw things up any more than i already have.

  11. To borrow from GE, his favorite corporation: “The Obama Administration: We Bring Hood Things To Light”

  12. I already suck. Reelect me and I’ll suck even worse.

  13. Vote for me. Or don’t. I don’t care. Can you say “SCYTL”?? (Stands for Sleezy Crooks Yank Transparency and Liberty).

  14. “Free clowns, guns and hookers!”
    Reference to GSA, Fast and Furious and the Secret Service.


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