Sugar consumption increases risks of breast cancer

Americans consume too much sugar.
A 12-oz. can of regular (non-diet) Coke contains 140 calories, all from sugar.
Consumption of sugar — especially sugar-sweetened drinks — per person in the U.S. is more than 100 pounds per year. Studies have found that sweetened beverages are a massive force behind America’s epidemic of obesity, heart disease, and cancer.
Now, a new study has found a direct association between dietary sugar and breast cancer.

malignant breast cancer cells

malignant breast cancer cells

The study by a team of scientists at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center found experimental evidence to confirm numerous epidemiological studies worldwide showing that high-sugar diets are associated with increased breast cancer risk. The findings by Y. Jiang, Y. Pan, P. Thea, L. Tan, M. Gagea-lurascu, and L. Cohen were published as “Dietary sugar induces tumorigenesis in mammary gland partially through 12 lipoxygenase pathway” in the journal, Cancer Research.
It is hypothesized that the role of sugar in cancer development involves inflammation. Bioactive lipids, especially cyclooxygenases and lipoxygenases (LOXs) metabolites of arachidonic acid, are known to be involved in inflammation and cancers.
The Texas team focused their study on 12-LOX pathways to examine the effect of sucrose enriched diet in the development of primary and metastatic breast tumor.
Mice bearing three different types of breast tumors were fed with sucrose-enriched diets. The mice’s primary tumors and lung metastasis were measured to determine the levels of 12-LOX protein expression.
The study found that:

  1. A diet with 125 g/kg sucrose, a concentration equivalent to the average sugar consumption of American population (70 lb/person/year), notably increased tumor incidence by 77%.
  2. Mice fed a sucrose diet experienced an increase of the weight of their tumors by 2.2-fold.
  3. A sucrose diet also increased lung metastasis of mice with mammary tumor, that is, sugar increases the spread of cancer from their breasts to their lungs.

The study’s conclusion is that there is strong evidence that a diet high in sugar (sucrose) and carbohydrates increases the risks for breast cancer, as well as accelerates the development and metastasis of breast cancer.
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I can’t recall the medical professor’s name, but a few years ago an Italian medical researcher published in a peer-reviewed journal conclusive evidence that the presence of sugars always fed any type of cancer. For his years of meticulous work, he was rewarded by being castigated world-wide by corporations using sugar in processed food and drinks. And before him, there was another Italian medical research group which demonstrated that GMO foods given to lab mice and rats caused everything from inflammation to cancer, and their research was swamped by money from Monsanto, labelling it as ‘junk science’. I believe it… Read more »


This information is not new, but it has been ignored and suppressed and obstructed by the criminals in the FDA, NCI and NIH and other government agencies. Otto H. Warburg, M.D., Ph.D. (1883-1970), the genius level biochemist in Germany proved that the prime cause of cancer is oxygen deficiency to living cells over a long period of time or respiratory impairment or the wrong energy supply. He also proved, with experiments and facts, that all cancer cells mainly metabolize by anerobic glycolysis or the fermentation of sugar. This information has been known for animals since about 1923 and for humans… Read more »

Steven Broiles

I would agree that Americans consume too much sugar—or at least they used to. Times and tastes are changing: I never thought I’d ever live to see the day when bottled water would outsell most sodas. Coke and Pepsi are in trouble. I have also read (Dr. Ted Broer? I can’t recall right now) wrote that for every molecule of sugar one consumes, he needs 54 molecules of magnesium to process or get rid of it. I have also read that cancer is a fungal disease, and that cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment. There’s an awful lot of… Read more »


not only does sugar feed cancer, but it also acts as an anti-nutrient….which is why healthy foods and drinks become nutritionally defunct once sugar is added. For example: organic lemon added to lukewarm spring water is: very healthy, detoxifying, good for the kidneys and other organs, creates a more alkaline environment in the body, good dose of natural vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals, etc… But, once you add sugar to it, you get “lemonade” and all the nutritional benefits are gone. That’s why they add ascorbic acid to it and advertise it as “enriched with vitamin C”. Drinking… Read more »


I only started to learn this about a year ago. We have now started kicking sugar out of our diet, including the many ways it sneaks in, in breads, cracker, etc. Since then, arthritis has left parts of my body.


Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this important post. I hope that many people will now be aware of the dangers of too much sugar consumption.

Lili Robin
Lili Robin

Mammograms also increase breast cancer thanks to Rockefeller medicine. Mammograms are only effective in 50% of women who get them, this is a terrible test! Learn the facts, seek the truth thru the Holy Spirit.
In fact, you will be healthier if you never see a doctor. No to vaccines, GMO, fluoride, round-up, fake sugars, real sugar.