Queer group “GAG” claims victory as FedEx ends NRA discount program

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As a life member of the NRA, I’ve never used any discount offered by a company associated with the NRA discount program. That’s not the reason I joined the NRA.

It’s a rather shallow victory to claim this is somehow a “takedown of the NRA.”

From NBC News: Two weeks after the June 2016 shooting at Orlando gay nightclub Pulse, a group of activists stood at the front of the New York Pride March and unfurled one of the last rainbow banners stitched by Gilbert Baker, the creator of the iconic pride flag. Fueled by the death of 49 Pulse patrons, the newly formed group called itself Gays Against Guns, or GAG.

Since its inception, Gays Against Guns — which counts several alumni of storied AIDS activist group ACT UP! among its members — set its sights on a big target: the National Rifle Association. The group even coined a campy catchphrase for the mission: “NRA, Sashay Away!”

GAG’s long-term strategy to take down the NRA started with a decision to “follow the money,” in particular, the gun lobby’s corporate partners, like Wyndham, Hertz and FedEx.

“We typically have two tiers of action, there’s typically an art component that expresses our sensibilities and the second tier is direct action,” John Grauwiler, a GAG leader, told NBC News.

GAG staged monthly direct actions by protesting and distributing fliers outside FedEx stores across the country, and also staged a 26-hour, nonstop protest outside the company’s corporate offices in Manhattan in the spring of 2017.

“It was a lot of effort, but we were there,” Grauwiler said.

So when FedEx announced Monday that it was ending its business partnerships with many organizations — including the NRA — GAG claimed victory.

“GRASSROOTS ACTIVISM WERKS!!!” the group wrote on its Instagram page. “EVERY NATIONAL CHAPTER of Gays Against Guns has been protesting FedEx EVERY SINGLE MONTH, and calling for a boycott, because they were the ONLY major corporation that hadn’t severed its ties with the National Rifle Association after the Parkland shooting. But now, in the wake of the Tree of Life massacre, they have FINALLY MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE!”

For its part, FedEx denied that the GAG protests had anything to do with their change in policy, saying more than 100 organizations had their discount programs terminated. FedEx had offered a 26 percent discount to card-carrying NRA members who shipped guns with the parcel carrier.

The alliances involved in this transition don’t have the shipping volumes to sustain a dedicated program,” FedEx spokesman Jim McCluskey said in a statement provided to NBC News.

Read the whole story here.


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9 responses to “Queer group “GAG” claims victory as FedEx ends NRA discount program

  1. Intolerance from the “Tolerant” Bolshevik/Liberal/DemocRats.

  2. Perhaps the fetid atmosphere has me frustrated, but the recent FOTM posts are not encoruaging to me when I see the millenniums bent on to the left, and the parents playing into it.

    • Trump’s Populism which is a 21st Century version of Buchanan’s, has destroyed the Hegelian Dialectics of the Neocon “RINO’s” and has exposed the Bolshevik Democrats “Liberalism” as a failure. Don’t lose hope Alma, remember as the screaming skull James Carville said “Its the economy stupid” and Trump & the new Republicans have shown that “Populism” is the way forward not the mental illness/failure of “Liberalism”

      • Isn’t that how it always goes? They move the line by degrees, not all at once. What would have been considered by them to be dangerous radicalism twenty years ago, is not “mainstream”.

        When people don’t think, they just follow, this is what happens. Instead of letting others set the stage and the parameters around what is considered normal speech, this is what happens. We should always attempt to steer the conversation where they don’t want to go.

  3. The NRA was founded, in part, to help free black people in the South to obtain firearms and learn how to use them against their Klan oppressors.
    All Right, so Fed Ex has eliminated this perk—if that’s what it’s called—and “Gays Against Guns” whoops it up, oblivious to the truth that, in recent years, a number of gay and lesbian people have taken up firearm ownership and training in order to defend themselves against harrassment and menacing.

    WHEN is the Federal Government—the Post Office, in particular—going to eliminate Amazon’s perk of being paid $1.58 for every package they ship via the USPS? Just asking.

    • Interesting question. That’s a “hidden tax”. Anyway the whole thing makes me GAG! (yuck, yuck!). Wouldn’t you think anything that started with “Queers for….” would be an automatic negative?

      I want a “Goy Rights” party not a “Gay” rights party. I don’t know what “rights” we’re talking about. They are free to sin, get sick and die. Nobody I know is stopping them. If they want “praise” they may be waiting a while (I hope).

  4. What would they do if NRA members showed up at “Gay” rights events and petitioned sponsors to drop their sponsorship? I’ll bet there would be a lawsuit. So, queers have standing, Second Amendment proponents do not?

    It’s time to stop accepting things like this. The balancing act is in not giving stuff like this more attention than it deserves and, at the same time, trying to put the brakes on their rabid control ambitions.

    I think that is the key to resistance (the good kind). Instead of discussing the Second Amendment (for example), all we say is “what gives you the right to dictate what I’m ‘allowed” to do?” Beyond that, “what part of ‘…shall not be infringed’ is unclear to you?”.

    Of course their ultimate goal is dissolution of the Constitution entirely. One of the mutts running for office was caught on tape the other day by Veritas saying exactly that. That is treasonous. They are totally insane and they are insurrectionists. Some of them need to be jailed.

  5. I tried to watch the video but it made me want to throw up just seeing that (I can’t think of anything describes the horrible creature in one word)’s image. Only got through 2 seconds.

  6. Well this video spoiled my morning coffee… Prancing pukebags that they are…


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