Stupid People are Ruining America

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What’s really hilarious is this video was posted on the ultra-liberal  People for the American Way -Right Wing Watch Youtube channel.  They are attempting to monitor conservative media in the same manner that Newsbusters does.  In their view, this is a damning video! 
 As far as I’m concerned, it’s a great campaign booster for Herman Cain.  If he was a total stranger running against the Obama White House, I’d vote for him just based on this 2 minute sound bite from the CPAC Conference.

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0 responses to “Stupid People are Ruining America

  1. This vid is great…calling out libs for their “sin”!
    Yes we Cain!

  2. Liberals only understand lying and stealing by taxing the people and companies that work in their jurisdictions.
    What they don’t understand is that those same working people eventually leave and take their companies with them.

  3. Candance Moore

    PFAW put this up on its site as some controversial evidence?? Talk about clueless.

  4. Once again, the Hermator positively nails it.

  5. Damn straight! He’s sure got left/libtards’ number.


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