Stunning video shows how Obama’s family pics are Photoshopped fakes

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You must watch this video.

It shows, step by step, how many of Obama’s family pictures from his youth are Photoshopped images.

Adobe Photoshop is a graphics editing program developed and published by Adobe Systems, which enables its users to create, alter, and manipulate photos and images with tools such as retouching, cropping, slicing, moving, magic wand, and eraser.

Malcolm X

The video also makes a visually compelling case that the real biological father of President Lucifer (who was born in 1961) may be Malcolm X (1925-1965), the black Muslim political activist who, on February 21, 1965, at age 39, was assassinated by three members of the Nation of Islam (NOI). Less than a year before he was killed, Malcolm X had left the NOI.

The video is the work of TheDrRJP. This is what he wrote on the video’s YouTube page:

Before 2004, the media had never heard of Barack Obama. They did not know about his birth place, his family, his education, his religion, his background, and his whereabouts.

They still do not know. Everything they thought they know about Obama was fabricated for their benefit from that point forward.

All of these photos “made available to the public” by the Obama Campaign and Obama’s “family and friends” are forgeries created for the conspiracy to package, sell, and elect an illusion of the perfect Presidential candidate.

A conspiracy put Obama into politics. A conspiracy put him in office. A conspiracy is keeping him in power.

The Journolist conspiracy was one of hundreds of similar conspiracies to keep Americans from knowing they are being conned by the biggest criminal conspiracy in modern history.

See also “Family pictures of young Barack and Michelle Obama are fake”.


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0 responses to “Stunning video shows how Obama’s family pics are Photoshopped fakes

  1. obie is a manufactured fraud. Nothing about him is real. The truth will come out.

  2. MAYBE AREA 51,makes you wonder!

  3. This imported Kenyan mullah commie puke of a POtuS is such a colossal fraud, I’ll bet even his sh*t isn’t real.


  4. traildustfotm

    Interesting. Particularly the connection to Malcom X.

    • TD,

      As a graphic designer who uses Photoshop, what is your professional opinion of the video?

      • traildustfotm

        I have a few points to make, some that support the video, some that do not.

        1. The similarity in facial features to his mother is not grounds for suspecting photoshop tampering. Has the author forgotten genetics?

        2. The birth certificate Obama released was such an amateurish fraud, it was probably intentionally obvious, to play “rope a dope” with the “birthers”, making them exhaust their claims prematurely, thus inoculating the public to the claim at a moment when its revelation would cost votes.

        3. “If you can photoshop you birth certificate, you can photoshop your parents.”
        Wrong. The order of difficulty is opposite. It is much harder to photoshop the mother than the birth certificate. And also, birth certificates in those days were not made with concerns about being hard for photoshop to defeat. Photoshop didn’t even exist until decades later. If someone had wanted me to fake an ID in that era (not that I ever did), I would have had to spend serious time in the darkroom with a good stat camera, augmenting my efforts with a Pache AB airbrush.

        4. To the mother’s photo with captions and call-outs:

        SHARP EDGES:
        Not conclusive. I see it all the time with pictures right out of the camera, due to the fact that most lenses won’t deliver sharpness at all depths.

        Nonsense. The light, shadow and texture are perfectly consistent with the photo and its lighting.

        Neither are the eyes. The reflections are from the same light source.

        Due to the lighting. This is not evidence of tampering.

        Possible, but uncertain.

        Possible, but uncertain. Remember, most faces have minor flaws that keep them from perfect symmetry, and the multiple light sources in a studio portrait could also cause such a thing. Also, on this and the nose, I don’t see what the person is claiming.

        Studio lighting uses multiple light sources, and this is consistent with that set up.

        5. All the claims on the next photo with Obama Sr. and mother are nonsense. This picture’s lighting is consistent with harsh flash photography.

        6. “Where have you seen this face before?” “They copied Obama’s head, and added it as a layer”
        These are all pictures of the same guy. Of course he’s going to have similar posture and head tilt in multiple photos.

        7. “the jacket looks different but it’s the same face”
        Ahem… different clothes and times, same guy! Come on! You’ve gotta do better than this!

        8. “Obama did not visit Africa, but his head did!”
        Like all the rest: possible, but inconclusive.

        9. “Star basketballer…”
        Inconclusive. (What’s a basketballer?)

        10. “Like father like son” (Malcom X)
        Now, that’s a remarkable resemblance! Maybe onto something here.

        11. Park bench with grandparents.
        Tampering possible but inconclusive, and unlikely.

        12. “Baby Face”
        Children have heads that are proportionally big for their bodies in comparison to adult proportions.

        13. “Double Vision”
        Showing off the cloning tool proves nothing, except that one of photoshop’s tools is pretty cool. Same with cut and paste.

        14. “Head Games”
        Twelve years during that time of life doesn’t change a face that much, unless there is weight gain/loss, illness or injury. The later and earlier parts of life show more rapid facial changes than the middle years.

        15. “Who’s your Daddy?”
        The author, after thinking facial similarities with Obama’s mother are suspicious, asks us to take facial similarities with Malcom X as good evidence. You can’t change rules like that, and win a formal debate.

        16. “This photo of S. Ann Dunham is a flip-flop”
        Maybe, but the shadows don’t support that claim.

        17. “Stanley and the Dunhams, somewhere in Beirut”
        Could have been tampered with. Looks that way. Not conclusive.

        The author raises interesting questions, yet proves nothing, which makes his assertion of certainty annoying.
        I’m intrigued by the Malcom X similarity, but then, most of us resemble somebody else.

        • Thank you, TD!

          • traildustfotm

            You’re welcome Dr. Eowyn. I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, and the guy raised interesting questions about the carefully constructed facade of the Obama image, but his certainty was further than I could go.

  5. Reblogged this on Jericho777's Blog.

  6. That was interesting. The pic in the red shirt with the woman’s hand on his shoulder looks phony. His head is at a weird angle and his neck looks unnatural.

  7. I really dislike people who tend to be working for Obama trying to make him “Natural Born”.
    Opinions mean nothing when people like me sit in rooms with Sheriff Joe & Mike Zullo & have to go off of FACTS.
    Obama 1964 Divorce Papers – 13 Pages – Missing Pg 11

  8. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this interesting post. Thank you also Traildust for your thoughts which are noteworthy.

  9. Malcom X + Indonesian Princess = obama
    Check this video out!

  10. Very interesting. Remember, this is a theory, presented as a certainty. I accept it as “questions raised,” not as “answered questions.”

    In this theory’s favor, it might explain why Barak’s “mother” was willing to leave him in other peoples’ hands. It’s almost a Solomonic test of who is the real mother. And, it is the first time I’ve heard anybody even ask if Ms. Dunham was actually Barak’s mother.


  11. Interesting video. I have seen another one on You Tube showing the similarities between O and X from young age, teen, and on. The similarities are indeed very eerie.
    I have never even considered that Sr. Was his father or Stanley was his mother. No one in Hi. Remembers her pregnant, then two weeks later she travels to Washington with a new baby for school. Back then, they kept you in the hospital for several days and close to home for weeks. Breastfeeding was very common, but no mention of it.
    For years, I have said he has some Asian similarities and even Saudi similarities.
    This just gets stranger and stranger.

  12. Doc, Wayne Madsen has a knock out article out on commie John Brennan and his role in all of this!!!

  13. I always thought Barry had the same shaped face as his mother. His birth place is highly suspect to me since his own grandmother said she witnessed his birth in Kenya?

  14. This scares the hell out of me! What can be left of reality? What is Obumass?

  15. Our Kenyan President… more to say.

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