Stunning reminders of God's creatures

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Source: Rense
H/t Shireen

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0 responses to “Stunning reminders of God's creatures

  1. Awesome pictures – thanks for posting!
    It’s amazing how we ignore what G-d has created for us, yet we so readily ignore.

  3. LOVE those lions.
    BTW, a department of the New York State announced, two years ago if my memory serves me correctly, of a campaign whereby they will eliminate all SWANS in the State, including killing and oiling their eggs. These magnificent creatures are about to be killed—or already have been—and NOT ONE WORD from PETA.
    Another reason to hate Gov. Cuomo.

    • Steven . . . why would NY be so hell-bent on eliminating Swans? I don’t understand the reason. Can you enlighten me?

      • I’m guessing the Lunatics are running the Asylum there…..

      • I think they claimed ecological reasons at the time. All I know is, a full-grown adult male swan can actually kill a man, if attacked.
        But it just goes to show us all that bureaucrats are 1) selectively deaf; 2) obedient without human reason; and, 3) make good sadists!

  4. Luvs them!

  5. These pictures are just awe inspiring. Several of them were so precious, I cannot name a favorite.

  6. Darling! Thank you Dr. Eowyn!

  7. Gorgeous!!! So emotionally-involving to look at these beautiful creatures of God…. FYI…..the LAST picture—-did any of you know that New York is launching a state-funded campaign to kill (also “oil the eggs” to render un-hatchable) of the Mute swans in it’s borders?????? They consider them an “invasive species.”


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