Stunning Debate of Cain vs. Newt

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I didn’t watch the debate last night between Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich (because I don’t have cable TV!).
Prompted by reader Desert Yankee’s glowing recommendation (“a stunning debate by two gentlemen, one a politician the other a businessman’s businessman. No shouting, no rude interruptions, no mud-slinging, no “gotcha” questions, no cheap shots, no pandering of special interests…[They] stuck to the issues and actually had guts enough to discuss taxes and entitlements IN DEPTH and with honesty. It was brilliant.”), I found the debate.
The debate runs 81 minutes. Here it is!

Many thanks to RepublicHeritage for posting the debate on YouTube. 🙂

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0 responses to “Stunning Debate of Cain vs. Newt

  1. Psy-Ops paradise…..false choices abound. You willingly participate in your own slavery by watching this crap, unless you already know you are being played as suckers to begin with and then watching it will only serve to reinforce this conclusion….and it becomes entertainment….theater of the absurd. With perhaps the exception of reactionary Ron Paul, all the others are mere variations of slavery going forward….a series of genocidal measures served on a plate of deception and served, free of charge to those who would consume the toxic meal presented to them.

    • So, exactly which lily-white liberal plantation do you own?
      And who is your best slave overseer?
      Is it Jesse Jackson? Al Sharpton? Cornell West? Goldie Taylor? Sheila Jackson Lee? John Conyers? Touré?
      Yeah, God forbid a black American actually escapes the liberal plantation and thinks for themself.
      But you white liberal, slave-owning freedom-hating commie pukes will do all you can to prevent that from happening.
      Won’t you, comrade?

  2. Sorry to inform you…but slavery has always been legal under the U.S. Constitution. The Confederate Constitution was identical for intents and purposes to the Union. They just expanded the pool of available slaves…so now you cannot be one based solely on race. As for “commie” …lol…..War by Deception my friend. There are more “commies” in the City of London than on the streets of OWS. Of course, “commies” never advertise…they just let their operatives do that for them…seems you drank the toxic Kool-Aid and have accepted your fate. Thanks…i needed someone to take my place in line and now, thanks to your post, have freed me of that metaphorical role.

  3. I listened to part of it via radio while watching the big game last night, and was very impressed by what I heard from both participants.
    That was the sort of format I would love to see with all the candidates.
    Just seat them around a big table and let them have at it for a couple of hours.

  4. Of course you wish to see this. LOL! This is the trap sir. Like old Twilight Zone Episode, “Mr. Death”, with Robert Redford. The way to sucker you is not by threats, but by subversion. See also, “good cop/bad cop”. It is hedging ones bets….coin has 2 sides but same coin…toxic. Austerity = genocide. This is quantitatively proven. You are not shown this data by design…or maybe in small print, buried off front page. Look…I am on your side…but if I see someone going on path…to edge of cliff, do I not tell the person..the path is nice now, but just around corner is sharp cliff to death. Laugh…belittle…but no harm in thinking….hmmm…what if? what if there is hidden danger and I am being manipulated? what harm is there to investigate? none. War by Deception…that is the mantra of the elite. Know it…understand it…and beware of it…or else. You can deny reality but you cannot deny the consequences of denying reality.

    • No need to paraphrase what I say. I am totally capable of speaking for myself and do not need any help from you….but thanks just the same. In the future, it is wise to ask rather than misrepresent.
      No, that is not what I am saying. I see no candidate in current GOP field as palatable…..with one disclaimer to say Ron Paul is the lesser of all evils. All are genocidal ideological zealots and crackpots. Paul less so but even he is a reactionary ideologue. All, with exception of Paul are Zionist puppets. All with exception of Paul are agents of misinformation, totalitarian police state. This includes Obama who is only a figure behind the Principals Committee (shadow government of Clinton, Patreaus, Pinetta, Axelrod…Sunstein
      What I am saying is this is a classic example of both pys-ops utilizing the “good cop” mentality mixed with a false choice. But, maybe this is all way above your ability to understand and I am asking the impossible for you to grasp the obvious. Keep trying tho…..I have some hope for you…but not much.

      • Yup…
        “God is on your side? Is He a Conservative? The Devil’s on my side, he’s a good Communist.” –Joseph Stalin

  5. That short video covers Zionism, the Fed (Herman “thin crust” Cain) a former governor, and few other related topics. A debate between a Koch Bros hack and a globalist career politician is hardly a debate. Rather, like I said, psy-ops 101….an exercise to generate false choices and to humanize genocide.
    These sophomoric comments about “commies” and “anti-semitism” just illustrate how successful the psy-ops has become. The methodology of the responses seems to fit the pattern of paid trolls and counter intelligence blog policers whose job it is to do nothing but stalk the internet for any talk counter to the official message…produce ad hominem attacks to intelligent information and to spread misinformation. Think cyber version of Black Water. Google YouTube, Netanyahu and Congressional applause. Can you count the number of times the congress members gave a standing applause to Netanyahu? I counted 18 times. I do not remember seeing the US Congress more unanimous on any issue like this one. I am sure the American people are not that unanimous on any issue. This information is available to the general public…for all who wish to take the time to witness.

    • So, a plot by “Them Joos” justifies breaking stuff and stealing things at Occupy Oakland? (Natanyahu and Mossad operatives aren’t keeping a pot-smoking 24-year-old with a vague “studies” degree and $80K debt/six years’ partying spent on it from living the well-paid effort-free life of Riley.)

    • Your point, comrade racist troll?
      And what of the connection of the Dear Ruler with George Soros, who hates this country almost as much as the Dear Ruler does.

      • My point? 1. Cain is a hired gun…Koch stooge….genocidal moron product of Wall Street. 2. All candidates are Wall Street puppets, lest Ron Paul. 3. Debate is a typical false choice psy-ops exercise. 4. All sans RPaul are Zionists…foreign agents. 5. You have no clue about any of this and are either a paid troll or incredible stupid.

  6. why do you people think Zionism is the same as Judaism? That’s like saying Iranians are Arabs. LOL. This is the trick you fall into…and from the looks of things, rather well I may add. You are brainwashed, conditioned….to believe this. Zionist bankers = Rothschilds/City of London. But go ahead and continue to believe whatever myth you must…at your own peril. I really don’t care. Forget the Bible….forget the fake anti-Semitic crap. It’s all a the video correctly illustrates. Jews are as much victims of Zionist intentions as Gentiles are so enough of this Biblical stuff. This is political/economic material here. Not to be confused with the religious doctrine…that is part of their game. As long as you believe the myth, you will be cannon fodder. Count me out…I’m way too well informed to take the bait. It will be your children who will die in their wars…your family who endures the genocide of austerity….not mine. Cain was a Fed governor…that makes him a Rothschild operative. Easy call. If you like the last 4 years? Vote for Cain. It will make last 4 seem like easy street.

    • Well, that’s what the jihadists postulate when the say they not anti-semitic, but anti-Zionist, when they want to drive all the Jews in Israel into the sea.

  7. “So, a plot by “Them Joos” justifies breaking stuff and stealing things at Occupy Oakland?” Them Joos? That is slander. Grow the F up. no…no no no…there are counter insurgents at work in OWS. These include anarchists (most of violence comes from them) and Foundation plants..Ad Busters is a George Soros-Al Gore funded foundation. The role of the latter is to insure the movement is hijacked…destroyed from within. The former are there to give the OWS movement a bad name through violence and something for the television pundits to make hay over. Either way, they do not represent the vast majority of the protesters. So I disagree with you but thank you for bringing up this point because I could post volumes on how real legitimate movements have been hijacked throughout history by subversives. Remember what I said earlier…”War by Deception”? Well add this one to the mix: “The best way to control the opposition is to become the opposition”. This is how they do it. All Psy-Ops 101 stuff people. If you do not wish to be victims of this hoax, better bone-up on it now because I can see all the plays being made at you right out of the manual.

    • Well, you were the one bringing up the “Zionism” conspiracy which, of course, the Occupy Wall Street crowd are revolting against… just saying it’s not realistic or even non-paranoid. (It scares me that what’s-her-face, the teacher that got fired for saying “Zionist Jews that are running the big banks and the Federal Reserve… need to be run out of this country,” was even teaching kids at all.)

  8. The audition for William Jennings Bryant’s role in “Inherit the Wind” was over long ago… Sorry, Frederick March got that part.

  9. You’re no Christian. Pretending to be one isn’t going to save you. The truth will however. Shape up…wise up. Stop being played for a fool. I have to leave all your Zionist sheeple now because the markets are opening soon in Asia…then Europe/Africa and there are other things I do with my time. So…good luck…’s been a blast witnessing how gullible and what willing victims your pseudo Christians are. I can leave you now with clear conscious and move onto to another part of the world….where, said to say, the conversation is a lot more elevated and less superstitious. Later people……… P.S. Before you celebrate my departure…please pause and allow your minds to consider a small bit of sunshine to enter your consciousness. The truth shall set you free….and I am, strangely enough, on your side. You see, I want to preserve Christian values, not destroy them. I am not the false prophet before you….Mr. Cain and others are. Good luck…love to all and peace everlasting. Goodbye

    • Good night & farewell! Enjoy your time in Mexico…

      • Thanks. G20 coming here to San Jose del Cabo next June. The Government is busying bribing the contractors to get the new convention center done on time. LOL! Hey…what ever it takes, right? I will be there..reporting. Off to Morocco now then to S.Africa. Getting married….pfffff. Did you watch the Real Zionist News with Orthodox Christian Bro. Nathaniel? He’s actually a learned scholar….no slouch. But that hat kills me….I keep telling him to lose the hat but he insists it’s part of his “schtick”. See, Bro. Nate is a former Jew and now a Christian. Not that this matters any. Will check on your progress from next venue. Good luck. I am lighting candle for you and sending prayers and love. Despite the friction, I enjoyed our time together. Adios and hasta luego….

        • Vaya con Dios amigo…Adios!

        • MKR,
          What I find curious about you is why you even care about what happens to the United States, Zionist Jewish conspiracy or not, since you’ve already transplanted yourself across the border to the beaches of Mexico’s Baja California. If you really care or have the courage of your convictions, you stay and fight. Coward.


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