Stuff Liberals Say….

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Sound familiar?


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0 responses to “Stuff Liberals Say….

  1. This guy is WONDERFUL! So true! That’s exactly the people I’m surrounded by in California. Scary. LOL

  2. Their brains seem to be stuck at age 12 (?) ; and they refuse to grow up and face the truth and live in Real-Ville ! Conversations with them are like talking to a brick wall, and can practically drive one insane at times ! For example, I just talked with one liberal family member in Calif who does not believe that Agenda 21 exists, and I offered to send her the information. She laughed and thinks what I explained to her is just another conspiracy theory which conservatives are always dreaming up, especially since she has not heard anything about this from the media. And she believes with all her heart that our media keeps Americans very well informed. LOL !! I have to laugh to keep from crying. I have come to believe that liberalism really is a mental disorder ! …….GOD help us !!!

    • I hear that Annie….as soon as I bring up any facts w/a lib family member, it’s time for them to change the subject. It’s like facts are really just too painful to process, or something.

      • In the immortal words of my far-left erstwhile friend, Stephanie, uttered so many years ago in a fit of frustration when she lost an argument:
        “I’ve made up my mind! Don’t confuse me with facts!”

  3. Not to mention… “Obama money”


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