Students support suspended teacher

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Students of teacher, 23, who posted semi-naked pictures of herself and called a  teen ‘jail bait’ launch Twitter page supporting her

Daily Mail: Students have come out in support of a  teacher who was suspended from her job after she posted half-naked  photos of herself on Twitter and joked  about teenager being ‘jail bait’.
Carly McKinney, a math teacher at Overland  High School in Aurora, Colorado, was placed on paid administrative leave on  Tuesday after admitting to a local TV station that she created the Twitter  account with the help of a friend.
Since then a campaign using the hashtag #freecrunkbear has started on Twitter to have her reinstated. Students have also said on new channels that  they don’t think McKinney should be punished for what she pursues in her free  time outside of school hours.
‘It’s a teacher that’s only five or six years  older than our oldest students,’ an Overland High School student named Shaun  told 9News. ‘So we kind of relate to her on a personal level.’
The account, CarlyCrunkBear (@crunk_bear), which has since been taken  down, included explicit photos of the blonde teacher along with multiple posts  about smoking marijuana on school grounds.
It came to light after 9Newswas tipped off about the account by a viewer  on Monday. McKinney later admitted to the TV station that she was behind the  tweets.


One post read: ‘Naked. Wet. Stoned,’ while  another said: ‘Watching a drug  bust go down in the parking lot. It’s funny cuz I have weed in my car in the staff parking lot.
Other messages suggested that the teacher was grading papers while under the  influence of drugs and spending time on Twitter  ‘instead of being  productive’ during the school day. In one post allegedly referring to a student,  McKinney wrote: ‘Just got called Ms McCutie. Point for being clever, however you  are still jailbait.’


In a bizarre twist, one of the most revealing  photos allegedly depicting McKinney doing a handstand wearing only a paid of  lacy panties was retweeted by DJ Diplo to promote his newest single, Express  Yourself, iDigital  Times reported.
The first-year teacher and a friend told  9News that the Twitter account was intended as a parody. The 23-year-old woman claimed that she was not aware of some of the provocative posts her unnamed friend was making,  adding that she never was in possession of drugs on school property.
Cherry Creek School District officials  responded by saying that all employees are trained about social media use and are encouraged not to post anything online that they would not want to put on the classroom blackboard.
Officials, however, added that teachers have first amendment right to free speech, especially in so far as personal social  media sites are concerned
Tustin Amole, director of communications for  Cherry Creek School District, told MailOnline that officials launched an  investigation into McKinney’s conduct after learning of the allegations from  9News. Amole emphasized that the paid administrative  leave is not a disciplinary action, but rather a routine measure.
According to the district spokesperson, the main goal of the probe is to determine whether the 23-year-old educator used or was in possession of drugs on school property, which is illegal under state law.
Amole went on to say that to the best of her knowledge, McKinney has not been named in any other complaints during her tenure at the school.
Sure, the teacher has a First Amendment right, yet what kind of teacher posts such racy tweets? Not one that I would want my children learning from.
Reason number 999,999 to home school.

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0 responses to “Students support suspended teacher

  1. “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness” (Isaiah 5:20)

  2. A teacher is an example to follow, be it good or bad. Looks like the school administrators have decided this is not the example they wish to represent the community. Everyone should remember that we have the right of free speech along with the consequences of that free speech. Life is a series of rewards and consequences, we choose what we receive by our actions.

  3. Our culture, the one we grew up in, has been flanked by evil on all sides. If this was a military battle, we would already be doomed.
    The courts: infiltrated by politically appointed hacks.
    The schools: filled with the disciples of 1960s hippies.
    Elected political offices: increasingly sold out.
    Non-elected government positions: lost cause.
    The military: compromised by Obama appointees.
    3-letter agencies (who cannot be named): lost.
    External enemies: numerous and excited to see us weak.
    One thing in our favor: most of our soldiers are patriotic volunteers.
    Another thing: God hears and answers prayers.

  4. Alright then… [shakes head in dismay]

  5. So , Miss Carly is the ” MATH ” teacher . I don’t know about her being able to teach addition and subtraction , but I bet she can certainly teach the boys “multiplication ” and ” long division ” ……….And Geometry with angles , oh my,my ………

  6. Wow! And the crappy role model of the year award goes to…

  7. This is lame. Only thing she should be fired for is being stupid.
    When you work for someone, you represent them. Whether or not your on the clock, or on the work site.
    Don’t do stupid shenanigans and make the news.
    This goes for any company, be it McDonald’s or the school district.
    who cares what you do on your own time.
    All are sinners and fall short of the glory of God.
    ALL of you/us
    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.
    for the wages of sin are death.
    All sins.
    you guys need to get off your high horses and on your knees and pray for forgiveness rather than judging another, you aren’t God.
    now I’m going to go ask fit forgiveness for posting this.

    • @james:
      “you guys need to get off your high horses and on your knees and pray for forgiveness rather than judging another, you aren’t God.”
      1. To judge is to discern between right & wrong, good & bad, which is EXACTLY what the Triune God asks us to do.
      2. You yourself repeatedly violated your own injunction to not “judge”. Examples:
      (a) “This is lame”
      (b) “Only thing she should be fired for is being stupid.”
      (c) “Don’t do stupid shenanigans and make the news.”
      (d) “All are sinners”
      (e) “you guys need to get off your high horses” — which is especially judgmental of you.
      Last of all, the problem with you, james, is that you offend logic. Ever occurred to you that your injunction to “judge not” itself is a judgement?
      You’d be amusing if you aren’t so high-horsey and just plain obnoxious. There! I don’t have any problem with judging. /sarc

    • Get back to us when one of your teenage child ends up being called “jail bait” by their teacher.
      Guess we ALL should have been on our knees praying for Hitler when he was sinning, instead of judging his evil actions. /sarc


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