Students Define the American Dream

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H/T Charlotte Iserbyt

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0 responses to “Students Define the American Dream

  1. The key here is the fact that these students don’t feel they are responsible for themselves or their own actions!
    IMO, this was taught to them – either by their parents or media sources and other ilk.
    It is a sad time to be living in this country… and the future isn’t shaping up any better especially with our youth taking these views. 🙁

  2. Public indoctrination is apparently succeeding…

  3. some day these kids will learn when you dance with the devil you loose your soul and your freedom

  4. Communicate with your family. Notice aka obama is hitting all the young kids at Universities again. I have some of these indoctrinated kids in my family, we have started slowly,with our family roots, remember while we were asleep,these kids were being unfairly assaulted. Talk to them. Reason, explain your family,tell them what actually,common sense is,towards the enviroment ect….


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