Student argues that women should grow out body hair to ‘rival’ Movember

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Campus Reform: Women at George Washington University (GW) should stop shaving during the month of November in the name of gender equality one student said last week.
In a column in The Hatchet, Jonah Lewis urged GW women to start a new movement that would parallel Movember by ceasing to shave in order to raise money for women’s health issues. The student argued that the women’s campaign could “one day rival what men raise during Movember.”

hair“If women at GW decided not to shave for the entirety of this month to raise money for women’s health issues and promote body positivity, the initiative could grow into a movement matching Movember,” Lewis wrote. “It would open up conversations about how our culture expects women to treat their bodies and their body hair.”

“For women, growing out hair is an unexpected and daring risk. That makes not shaving an exercise in body positivity and self love for most women,” Lewis continued.
The Lewis argued that a number of women’s health issues including menopause, reproductive health, cervical cancer, and breast cancer are not given enough attention and would benefit from this source of fundraising.
Amanda Robbins, a junior at GW and president of the school’s chapter of the Network of Enlightened Women said that there are other ways for people to raise awareness and money for women.
“This idea is completely unfeasible and is a reflection of radical feminism run amuck on campus. It is doubtful that GW women would agree to go without shaving for a month much less a week,” Robbins told Campus Reform in an email.
A spokesman for the American Cancer Society recently confirmed that a number of women were indeed participating in Movember by “letting it grow.”
hair2For decades many feminists have argued that the pressure for women to remove body hair is a consequence of patriarchal dominance.
“Body hair, weight, Barbie, domestic violence, violence against women, male gaze, street harassment, to me it all feels connected,” a New York feminist said in February, according to Salon.
To me, hair removal is a kind of violence against women. Just one that we’re tricked into doing and paying for ourselves,” she continued.
Women’s health issues are not given enough attention? They need to mark these events on their calendars:

And lest the feminists forget, you can stand for women’s reproductive rights, contribute to raising funds, and celebrate Mother’s Day with Planned Parenthood!
mothers day

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0 responses to “Student argues that women should grow out body hair to ‘rival’ Movember

  1. These pictures induce nausea. And comparing violent crimes against women to proper personal grooming is absurd.

  2. The pics of the two useful idiots’ hairy armpit and legs are at once grotesque and hilarious. HA HA HA HA!

  3. I personally don’t see the images as “grotesque” at all. I do agree in the pressures to shave – do it for you, not for anyone else.

  4. Body hair has a function, and women shaving is largely a conditioned act of vanity true, same as wearing make-up or other ridiculous things done that they are conditioned to do by society at large (But key thing here is society isn’t patriarchal, its satanist/luciferian run, save for places that are free of that taint), but to utilize not shaving in an attempt to make revenue and a “gender equality” statement? What’s the statement? That they’re willing not to do something vain one way (shaving) in order to do something vain another way (getting bucks for the feminazi movement)? I’d be curious to know who will actually accrue the money (lewis may just be a front/pr spokesperson/agitator), and what it would be put towards (I seriously doubt it would be women’s health issues, only).

    • “women shaving is largely a conditioned act of vanity”
      No. It’s about good grooming, and good grooming is a sign of our respect for social conventions and therefore for others.
      I expect the next thing you’ll say is that men shaving their facial hair is also “a conditioned act of vanity.”

      • Depends on the motivation behind it. Men, same as women, do have problems with vanity, as does all of secular society at large, if an employer expects a man to wear a fancy suit to get a job, they really should check their priorities, as a Job should be given on the basis of skill, not whether they go through the empty motions of wearing a suit & tie that they will likely only wear for the interview. No respect is intended, its just a heartless & mindless ritual done to try to win employment. Same thing is done by most secular folks with regard to “hair vs no hair”, there are people out there shaving their hind parts in the mistaken belief that it must be done, despite the fact that, with hair in certain areas at least, the hair is functional and there for a reason (God didn’t just randomly say “grow here but not here” y’know.) that reason being temperature and air circulation control so that things Don’t start growing. Shaving of legs is really about trying to be appealing to men for the most part, or because their moms told the girls early on “it is gross”, and that stigma sticks with them. There is also a distinction between managed and unmanaged, some things need more management than others (leg hair is not really a high maintenance item).
        Point being, shaving things is pretty vain in the majority of cases, and it is especially vain to try to make a “gender equality” statement out of the lack of doing so, anyone doing so out of “respect for social conventions” is going to be incredibly rare in modern times, as will anyone who will take notice of that respect and recognize it as such. Nothing against that group, either, although there are more ways to show respect for others than whether one’s legs and pits are bald, or not.
        It may not be popular, but ’tis my opinion and observance on the whole thing. (Doesn’t change the fact that this “no shaving as a statement” thing is ridiculous, of course.)

  5. All I know is there will be a lot of single women if they all stop shaving. :~D

  6. Alrighty then…

  7. I never considered shaving as being enslaved by anyone else–for me it just felt better than being hairy. I felt that when applying deodorant to the underarm, minus the hair, made the deodorant more effective. One thing about aging–I no longer grow much body hair. All I can say is Thank Heavens for that!

  8. Doesn’t really matter to me,as long as it’s kept clean. Women’s sweaty armpits aren’t any more repulsive than Men’s sweaty armpits. I CAN,however,see how a woman remaining hairy could make her FEEL unclean or unattractive. Purely a personal preference,NOT politics,in my opinion.

  9. I don’t know where conventions come from or how they develop, but leg hair on a woman is grotesque. Arm pit hair—ehh… It depends. But I see something really sinister afoot: Namely, the INSTITUTIONALIZATION OF SILLINESS HERE. This is no wry Monty Python skit; When these psuedo-intellectuals have nothing of substance to say, they PACK ON the frivolous. They have plenty to say and NOTHING to back it up. (And not to be grotesque, but we can see where all this is leading: Down the the nether regions of the female body. And that’s another question entirely).
    This is about the deconstruction and the (I’ll be polite) DOMESTICATION OF MEN. These “gender commies” will stop at NOTHING to express their hatred of men.
    AND YES, I have a goatee, as you can see in my photo. I grew it because every time I would shave my chin, I’d get nicks and cuts. I’m not a beatnick, and I don’t have it to be funny.

  10. I’m getting tired of this “double standard victim crap”. Wow, men are allowed to be hairy while the poor, weak and abused female of species are forced into shaving. Men are allowed to have sex with as many women they want but if a woman has a one night stand she is a slut. Isn’t it time for us to put an end on the double standard? Perhaps, but can we at least put an end on it by raising man’s standard than lowering females? No one should be going out and fornicating with a cue of people. And we all should maintain a certain level of hygiene. Men shave too, they have to shave their faces. Should they shave their armpits? Probably would make their life easier, as they wouldn’t sweat as much… but come on… we want women to lower their standards completely. What a lovely site this world will be in a couple of years… Hairy, smelly, fully tattooed and pierced woman everywhere!!! Niiiiiice….

  11. I guess as a follow-up they’ll be braiding their armpits–that should get ’em a lot of attention. Maybe they can have a contest to see who can do the longest armpit braids and use it as a fundraiser for their never-ending lists of issues and complaints. Nothing better to do with their lives, of course. They’re not very interested in “womaning up” and doing some things that are truly feminine and and womanly. What a waste. There are so many things in life that are truly challenging and worthwhile, and much needed in this world and in these times.

  12. Well, this post certainly made my day! Yikes, visions of sweaty hair growing out of armpits – talk about day-and-nightmares! Anyway, thanks for uptick!!!

  13. Auntie Lulu – I’d love to meet you!

  14. Hi, Linda!
    As for the hairy post, I always thought being clean-shaven was what differentiated us from the ape world!!

  15. Why mutilate what nature created as women to bear the brunt of human procreation? If biological science has any human application why the natural body hair of women should be so disgusting to those pioneering men of science and why hate of nature should be instilled in laity in the name of cultured aesthetics victimizing motherly womanhood? What rights should women claim from men whom they have conceived ,delivered and brought up to mature citizenship while they themselves detest mother earth’s natural creation as human procreative representatives? Save human science and also rational sanity!

    • Using your logic, men should never shave but should just let their beard and mustache grow … and grow … and grow. And those women unfortunate enough as to have a mustache should just let it grow. For that matter, *all* of us should never ever cut (“mutilate”) our hair or undertake any grooming and toiletries. We should just follow “nature”!

    • So shaving hair is now determined to be “mutilation”? Odd that term is never used to describe the suctioining and tearing of a “fetus” during that reproductive right called abortion.
      And if biological science has any human application, does the natural body hair of men who identify as women need to be shaved in the name of cultured aesthetics victimizing self identity?
      And what about women who can’t conceive, are they allowed rights to claim from men they didn’t bear?

  16. Yes, the remark of ‘mutilation’ is rash which is corrected by rational arguments as above. It is a natural occurrence that only human babies cry taking the first whiffs of breath immediately after delivery and grow up physically in a timely programmed manner on an average, counted by years of age.The patterns of growth are commensurate with the form of gender, beginning infancy through childhood, reaching the age of puberty in teens into mature adulthood. The uniqueness of human species endowed with exceptional faculties of ‘mind’ as well as the conscious reckoning of continuous process of physical growth in terms of age displays two distinct realms of horizons, namely, the spiritual relating to mind and physical relating to the gross world. While the subtle mind workings are governed by individual ‘choice’,the physical are governed by irrevocable laws of natural creation.Thus I venture to express my opinions from my own simple observations of limited intellect, leaving the prudence of choice to professed communities of human science.
    Just as the ‘mother’ earth sustains all life forms, the female species enable procreation and therefore women can be considered, with stable xx chromosomal structure, as the basic human form. Thus a delivered female baby can be considered as a replica of the same form while an x-y structure male form as an extension. Commonalities can be observed at puberty in the hairy growth of axillary and pubic areas with thick structures of matrix formatting and sparse vellum over wider skin areas in both gender. The basic formatting is determined by the female while in the male extending to face and more dense & coarse in general because of less natural protection compared to the feminine. However the basic ‘choice’ remains a male seeding specificity with unstinting feminine support. Seeing the present day human progress as well as attended abnormalities,more so in feminine abuse which no physical progress can rationally explain and physical aesthetics, beyond the needed mutual attraction of ‘love’ by which the whole universe is created and maintained, keeping in view the enlisted female health concerns as articled above, i ventured ‘mutilation’, not as an abuse but as deviation from natural pattern which the ‘truth’ of natural laws maintain and fashions of ephemeral choice distort amusingly.


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