Strict gun-controlled California: Fourth man killed in five-hour span in Oakland

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Something proggies will never understand: You can never make enough laws to guarantee good behavior from people who are willing to break the law.

As reported by SF Chronicle: A man was killed early Saturday in the Highland neighborhood of East Oakland, less than five hours after three men were fatally shot across the city.

The man, who was not immediately identified, was found on 90th Avenue near International Boulevard around 1:20 a.m., police said. Officers were notified of the shooting through ShotSpotter, the gunshot detection device.

Paramedics transported the victim to a nearby hospital, where he died.

The shooting came after a triple homicide in West Oakland just before 9 p.m. Friday, which police called a “deliberate” attack. The victims were a 29-year-old and 31-year-old from Oakland and a 21-year-old from Vallejo. Officials did not release their names.

The West Oakland homicides occurred at a Torrance bowling alley. The shooting was the result after a “brawl” broke out and the shooters remain at large.

Police are being “mum” on the details, such as whether or not the incident was gang related. They aren’t even releasing descriptions of the suspects, which I’m sure they have (via verbal statements and video).

Odd considering that California has no tolerance for gun violence they wouldn’t want to describe and catch the perps of this triple homicide. I wonder why…


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8 responses to “Strict gun-controlled California: Fourth man killed in five-hour span in Oakland

  1. I applaud you, DCG, for expanding your “gun-control cities with high rates of gun homicides” posts to include Oakland, CA.

    Of course, both Chicago and Oakland have another attribute in common — a high % of blacks. But no one wants to address that.

  2. “What………………I dindu nuffin! I was framed, dat’s it!” I think they’re just taking “direct action” on that “white privilege” thing.

    • Repeat after me…
      “He a GOOT BOY! It all he frients fault… He dindu nuffin”
      Man if I had a dollar everytime I heard that or got called a “muhfugga” I could buy a new truck…

  3. Torrence,ca isn’t in west Oakland. Whoever wrote this article clearly doesn’t know the facts or the locations of these shootings.

    • Just goes to show I shouldn’t trust the lame stream media to get anything correct as the SF Chronicle described it as “West Oakland” in two articles.

      Next time I’ll check a map to make sure I clearly identify the location of TorrAnce.

      • Well “Torrence” is nowhere close to Oakland. On the other hand, it’s getting hard to tell our cess pools apart. Of course in Torrence I think you have to be “bi-ignorant” to be registered as an official thug.

        In Oakland all it takes is a lot of bling and snappy duds. When I lived in the Bay Area NOBODY would be caught dead in Oakland. Actually, if one was in Oakland there was a VERY good chance of being caught dead.

  4. Used to be Oakland was known to have a particularly rough chapter of Hell’s Angels. When I was getting ready to order my new Harley,the Shop owner offered to GIVE me a 1963 Harley Panhead chopper if I’d go repo it. I was seriously considering the deal,until he told me the bike’s buyer was in jail on a drug charge and the bike was parked in front of the Oakland Clubhouse. I said,”Uh-Thanks,but NO. I’m not THAT stupid.”

    • That’s true. I think the Richmond chapter was worse. I used to work with a guy who’s brother was in the Richmond chapter. He had a nice Harley. One day some other guys let the oil out of it. He noticed the spot before he started it.

      He called his brother. They were about 300 miles away. Word is that they showed up that weekend and two of the guys involved were never seen again. It takes a special kind of stupid to mess with people like that.


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