Stressed out? Here's your therapy of the day

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baby and pups
Source: WellTimesPhotos

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0 responses to “Stressed out? Here's your therapy of the day

  1. They are all cute, but only one can be a tax deduction.

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  3. I love that! BTW-One of ’em could be a “Companion Dog” if the child’s Doctor decides it’s needed to prevent anxiety attacks,or a “Service Dog” if it can spot pre-symptoms (and many dogs CAN) of certain health problems;i.e. low blood pressure,hypoglycemia,low blood glucose,etc.

  4. So sweet,

  5. Off topic, but what’ll he do with the deer when he catches it?

  6. WONDERFUL – Thanks for the best ever start to the day!!!

  7. Wonderful photos! Made me smile. Thank you and God bless!


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