Unhinged: Stressed out demorats are eating their feelings and drinking heavily to get through mid-terms

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From NBC: The midterm elections are turning out to be nearly as stressful as the 2016 presidential election — especially for Democrats.

According to a poll conducted by YouGov and commissioned by the fitness site Daily Burn, Democrats are 50 percent more likely than Republicans to say they’re “eating their feelings” as a result of the current political climate. They’re also drinking more (a 2-to-1 ratio over their GOP counterparts).

The ostensibly good news is that these stressed out Democrats are also working out more, by as much as 40 percent; but even exercise can be overdone.

“I’m seeing some people so stressed at the moment they’re doing two, even three soul cycle classes at day,” Dr. Navya Mysore, a primary care doctor, tells NBC News BETTER. “Exercise is good for you, but too much is not. You [risk] dehydration and your body needs time to rest and rejuvenate.”

What appears to be happening among many concerned voters, is that they’re resorting excessively to the habits that help us de-stress, whether that’s eating, drinking or exercising.

“Depending on how you’re used to dealing with stress, people tend to gravitate toward that habit more,” says Dr. Mysore. “If you had a hard day, you’ll have a glass of wine, so maybe you’re doing that more. Same for people who are stress eaters — they’ll eat more. If you’re more prone to sweat it out when stressed, then you’ll do that more.”

Binging almost always leaves us feeling crummy, even if what we’re binging on is as benign as Netflix (which Daily Burn’s poll found both Democrats and Republicans are doing plenty of in reaction to the fraught political climate).

How do we stop the stress-induced madness? We turned to health experts for practical tips on managing binge-y behavior when stressed. Read the whole story here for the not-so-surprising ways to de-stress.

Even though I blog about politics every day, I have lots of other interests and activities to keep me busy and happy. Plus I don’t have TDS…


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13 responses to “Unhinged: Stressed out demorats are eating their feelings and drinking heavily to get through mid-terms

  1. And……….the morning after Tuesday, they’ll be choking and so drunk they’ll get arrested for disorderly conduct, Chucky Shummer, Nasty Nancy, Latrine Waters, Killary Rotten Clinton, Al Sharp-tongue, and Barbra Streisand, that one found hanging on the rear tire of a jet Canada bound! LOL

  2. What do y’all think the Demoncrats are going to do when Tuesday comes and goes and they lose big time at the polls (which I believe they will)? Will they slink away in defeat until 2020, or become even more out of control than they are now?

  3. Red Tsuami on Tuesday. Keep America Great.

  4. The first song I played when President Trump won the election was this – it used to be the democrats’ victory song as well! Nothing like turning the tables on them!


  5. Always among the best, Thanks for posting, taking to my site with link back Dr. E..

  6. The first step back to sanity for these little lugubrious leftist lemmings of doom have to take is to accept the fact that they have been HYPNOTIZED. They are knee-jerk martinettes, full of reflex actions and chants, and that allows them—for a time—to escape the responsibility of making their own choices. (But that mother-in-law whose visit never ends, CONSCIENCE, always comes back!)

    These people have to know what they believe in, and they have to know why they believe it. I’ll bet 90% or more of them DON’T.

  7. So next Wednesday, Nov. 7, in addition to crazy and demon-possessed, we’ll have fat & drunk Leftists.

    • Ha, ha, “drunken Leftists”. What could go wrong? I think its safe to say that they are not generally associated with discipline and self-control. They are more akin to Senegalese maniacs than monastics.

      They’ll get ’em all juiced up and whipped into a frenzy by the wild-eyed Obongo and Cortez and sic ’em on white dudes. “Here, have another sticky bun, Shamu”.

  8. LOL – I just hope they don’t puke on my shoes.

  9. This always depresses me—-how come they have TIME to over-exercise when I work such long hours that I hardly have time to squeeze in a walk ( I sneak in a morning walk on my campus by walking back and forth twice to my parking lot “the long way around.” And, same upon leaving at night…otherwise, I am WASTED at the end of my teaching work day and can’t possibly lift my foot for ONE MORE STEP). How come they have time to eat? I jam a hard-boiled egg down either in my car on the way to work to report for 7AM, or at my morning 10 AM break. During lunch, I usually have to clear some business or other during my 30 minute lunch, and so I usually eat a banana or a cold left-overmeatball from my fridge….or some similar crap…at night, I stand in front of the fridge and eat “whatever” which is usually another leftover that can be consumed in 5 minutes or less…..and then I go to bed by 8 PM to start all over again the next day. I see women taking morning walks when I am driving to work…I see men and women fishing in the dawn at our local lake….and I am so darned incredulous that anyone has the personal TIME to do such things…let alone que up for ANTIFA demonstrations, or the pink uterus gatherings…or even THIS….eating, drinking, over-exercising…….Do they work? Who pays them? What are their hours? What is their work load? SURELY they do NOT work at my school or any other school……Where can I GET A JOB LIKE THEIRS that allows this sort of “free personal time?”

    • “how come they have TIME to over-exercise”

      Maybe they have government jobs? And then there’s welfare.

      • I recently had a city government employee tell me there was no rush/hurry/pressure (can’t remember exact words) by the boss to get stuff done.

        Must be nice to suck off the taxpayers’ dime…


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