Stress relief

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0 responses to “Stress relief

  1. They look very young, maybe a week or ten days? On to Friend Jane, who adores all things “cat”!

  2. Which Kitty is the Republican?

  3. They are so beautiful. We don’t have any pets now and these are quite endearing.

  4. Even though I am a confirmed dog person, I’ve always had a weakness for kittens.
    LOL – It’s when they grow into obnoxious adults that I have problems with them.

    • That’s because the cat is allowed to go outdoors, thus becoming half “wild.” Cats kept indoors — which is safer and secures a longer life — stay “child-like”. Or maybe it’s the Persian breed. I’m down to one. Gaby is one year old and is intelligent, funny, and loving. He follows me from room to room.

  5. My favorite pet was a Russian Blue we got as a just-weaned kitten 35 years ago. These little fellas remind me of her. Pardon me while I tear up a little bit.

  6. Got a Buddy who hats cats, so I mailed him these kitties. No answer 8 hours. Something wrong here……………..

  7. Luvs these kitties!!


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