Stress-buster: Peace of the Pacific Northwest

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Breathe in the palpable peace and fresh air….

I suggest you watch this on full screen!

Photographer John Eklund made this 4-minute time-lapse video of the Pacific Northwest by using 260,000 images, 6.3 terabytes of hard drive space, and over a year of work.

H/t GrindTV and FOTM’s beloved igor


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0 responses to “Stress-buster: Peace of the Pacific Northwest

  1. I wish I could jump into those pictures and just stay there! So peaceful.

  2. God is great.

  3. Beautiful. We are in the midst if a possible move the northwest. Phoenix to southern Oregon (Grants Pass).

  4. Ryan Farish has the most outstanding music!! And he’s American!! Check him out on YouTube!! I have some of his music and love to get lost in it!


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