Strange Underground Noises Heard Across the World

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Loud rumbling and groaning sounds are being heard in many locales across the world:

The person who posted this video on YouTube speculates that the sounds may be caused by surreptitious drilling and construction of large underground shelters by governments that are taking the threat of 2012 seriously.
I found some other videos of strange sounds. This one, recorded somewhere in Michigan on August 19, 2011, seems to be from space instead of from beneath the earth:

Here’s one from Homel, Belarus, on August 14, 2011:

As of March 22, 2011, The Big Wobble had compiled a map of reported strange sounds in the United States:


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0 responses to “Strange Underground Noises Heard Across the World

  1. They could be entirely legitimate videos that include the true ambient sound picked up by the camera; but, it’s very easy to add sound effects on other tracks in film editing software. My software allows three separate tracks for audio. I can keep the actual ambient sound picked up by the camera, add a track of music and put in other sound effects (screams, whistles, etc) on the third track.

  2. My daughter said that the one in Russia sounds just like the sounds from the movie “The Mist”.

  3. I’m thinking this is a hoax. The shooting styles are very similar amongst the videos. They’re always looking in one direction. They’re very still. They have oddly similar flavors to them. There’s no person visible in any of the sound videos. And those speaking for Canada could very well be actors. They speak like actors.

  4. I heard the noise several times in Louisiana…

  5. No one knows what it is, but whatever it is, it has to be the fault of the Tea Party movement. What that has to do with Russia or Canada is beyond me, but I am sure that the Liberals/Progressives will find a connection. They usually do, and, if they can’t find one, our glorious main stream media will manufacture one. Show time at 6:00 P.M. on the Obama station.

  6. I think it is the M. A. D. Deep underground driller placing nuclear bomb under cities of the world to stage earthquake 2012 Armageddon style. Please watch The Core (2003)

  7. ok, i agree. it is easy to make sound on video seem legite. I have a question. I have been to a town called clintonville in Wisconsin and they have been hearing these noises and feeling the vibrations aswell. the media has been covering it and no one can give a scientific explanation. they have been doing numerous tests….. all i can think of is gears of war. hopefully not but i am prepared!
    I am serious though about the sound and there being no explanation as of yet.


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