Strange Orbs in the Sky

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Strange orbs of light are being seen in our skies. Are they an artifact of the video camera’s lens?
As you can see in this video of Jerusalem’s Old City on the night of January 28, 2011, the orb sure behaves strangely for a lens artifact, first slowly descending over the golden Dome of the Rock, then rapidly shooting straight up away from the Dome:

Here’s a video of a closer view of the orb:

Here’s a video of a volcano erupting in Japan. Towards the end of the video are two light-orbs (circled in red) shooting out of the volcano.

And here’s a video, not of orbs of light, but of something flying-darting (like the fictional Superman) over the tsunami-devastated landscape and seascape of Japan:

Your guess is as good as mine!

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4 responses to “Strange Orbs in the Sky

  1. Signs in the sky?

  2. I had heard of the dome of the rock sighting a long time ago and read an article written by someone who had investigated it. (sorry can’t remember where or who wrote the article) They had found some high-powered generators in the vicinity that had no logical reason for them being there. The writer felt they were used to project a holographic image to create the UFO.
    The UFOs coming out of the volcano are probably volcanic bombs.
    I’m pretty sure that I heard that the UFO over the tsunami was found to be a news helicopter… just my two cents, sorry to spoil the fun…

  3. I’m reading Thunder of Justice which describes many of the apparitions of our Blessed Virgin Mary. Signs in the sky are historically a part of God’s history with man. I think we need to prepare for cataclysmic events occuring in the future. If they aren’t spiritual they will certainly be political.

  4. Dear Grouchy,
    I don’t know what they are either! LOL


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