Strange Goings-on in Lake Washington

Beth Kearney took the above video of strange ripples in Lake Washington, a large freshwater lake adjacent to the city of Seattle in Washington State.
Here’s her account for
“[I] have lived in the Holmes Point area of Kirkland for 30 plus years. On Tuesday morning May 10th, 2011, my husband & I witnessed the most unusual events unfold on the North end of Lake Washington, unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.
I was looking out the window at the lake about 6:45am noticing how unusually calm and still the water was when suddenly I noticed large, evenly spaced rings radiating across the lake (like dropping a rock in the water). From our vantage point I couldn’t see the source of what was causing it but it had to have been very large to create those large, perfectly spaced rings. There were no boats out on the lake, no jet ski’s, no kayaks, no barges….nothing. As the rings started to dissipate what looked like a raging river formed on the West side of the lake in a small narrow swath cutting through the rings that had formed. Not like the wake of a boat where it fans out, just a narrow strip all the same width with a strong, tumultuous current running in a North to South direction. The odd thing about it was that it didn’t start at any one point… just appeared and definitely had a strong current moving in a Southern direction. As the rings died down and the “raging river” calmed on the West side of the lake, all of a sudden the same thing appeared on our side of the lake. Again, it looked like a thin, even strip of water with a strong current moving in a southern direction. It appeared just as the other one had across the lake…..not starting at a Northern point and running South……it was just there all of a sudden. Thankfully, I was able to get a video of it.
I would love to have someone to show this video to and figure out what caused this odd sequence of events. If this doesn’t sound newsworthy enough for King5 could you give me any ideas on whom or what agency I might contact to get some information about this. I have spoken with 2 very interested people at NOAA and they are working on who else I might contact as well.”
My guess is there’s a quake line right below Lake Washington. Here’s a map of the major fault zones in the Puget Sound.


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9 years ago

Could have been a release of gasses caused by a small tremor? They need to keep an eye on the lake’s acidity.

9 years ago
Reply to  Linda

I believe you’re on to something here, Linda, as is Eowyn. As a former resident of the area [Bellevue, 1958-1963], and now here in British Columbia since 1969, I’ve learned about the many geologic events that shaped Puget Sound, the San Juan Islands, and the Georgia Strait to what we know them as today. There is a deep crack centered from Olympia through Puget Sound and passing under Victoria, BC. A lot of very disruptive gases pass from both these capital cities areas and these do indeed disturb all our landscapes, from the Creation to our mental states…. At present,… Read more »

Joseph E Fasciani
Joseph E Fasciani
9 years ago
Reply to  josephbc69

OK, Steve, good to see yer back w/us on this very impotent topic, as my friends in the Lower Forty Eight would tell me!
Now let’s see….
DC… Would that be your District of Chumps?
Or is that who elects them?

9 years ago

Odd…I’m going to agree w/Linda on this.