Strange Bedfellows on FoxNews

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Yup, you read that correctly. Megyn Kelly and Michael Moore team up to attack Donald Trump.

Folks, the masks are coming off. Some big players are accidentally showing their cards, and revealing their plans. This current spat is about Kelly hitting Trump with the Liberal dag whistle, “the war on women.”
Where should we stand? In my humble opinion, we should throw out our political constructs of Democrat/Republican, and stand with God. We should wear ourselves out in prayer to the Almighty for the rescue of our nation from the secret power players and puppeteers. And above all, make sure that we are standing with the Lord Jesus Christ on every issue.

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0 responses to “Strange Bedfellows on FoxNews

  1. Birds of a feather ——-

  2. This woman is pretty much out of control.
    Not clever, not informative, not entertaining.
    I applaud Trump for putting a stop to this circus.
    He displays the focus and discipline that makes him and his endeavors successful.
    The press releases from FOX underscore what is going on at FOX.
    If she were an office holder, (in a non bizarro world) her behavior would be considered inappropriate and they’d kick her out the door like they did Beck.
    The debates are boring and just set up for arguments between the participants. The ones dumb enough to take the bait.
    All credible the candidates are basically falling into step with the themes of Trumps statements.
    Cruz is a double talking sneak, and I no longer like him at all.
    His father makes more sense than he does, but then again his father isn’t on the payroll.
    Kelly is not running anything, just her hardo and her big mouth.
    I wonder if she had to make a “deal” with Ailes to stand by her.
    You know, maybe a ‘Monica’.
    Forget about journalistic integrity crap, she doesn’t have any, and FOX stands to lose a lot of money and viewers.
    She is trying to be controversial, with some of her guests, and I think the word repulsive better describes it.
    Like Trump says, no one is fooling anyone. Well maybe some of the dopes are being tricked.
    Michael Moore is an idiot; a cartoon character who came to life; like a Frosty the Snowman made out of yellow snow.
    He ought to be cleaning up the water in Flint instead of dragging his goulish pizza-the-hut lard ass on FOX.
    He’s over. way over.Like Hillary.
    I switched it off because besides not being interested in his movies, I wasn’t interested in the amorous antics between him and the Queen FOXNEWS slut. Maybe she gave him a lap dance. Yuck.
    FOX is trying to exert the same influence on candidates as does the
    PACS control politicians and other candidates.
    Trump says NO.
    If Trump is on FOX it is because we tune in to listen because he is entertaining and informative. I watch his rallies too on Cspan when I find them.
    It makes FOX a lot of money.
    There are a few good journalists on FOX, but too few.
    You cannot expect anyone on FOX to say anything which conflicts with the company line; they get paid to talk there.
    It was revealing that Trump did the interview with Brett Baer, the other debate moderator. He’s not an idiot, although the panel on his show has idiots on it.
    Krauthammer is not an idiot, he’s just wrong about Trump.
    It would be sweet if Trump has a fund raiser for Vets and Wounded Warriors and he gets the whole audience away from FOX. and they get lots of donations; as much votes
    for the vets as votes against FOX.
    You want to talk about NY values? FOX portrays the bad values.
    Trump portrays the good ones

  3. Good post, TD!
    Kelleigh also has an article on News with Views, detailing how FoxNews blatantly is biased against Trump.
    FOX has become as bad as the older alphabet networks. So much for Fox touting itself as “fair and balanced”.

  4. I hope trump stays out of fauxnews….megyn kelly is just a skirt with a mouth

    • MomOfIV,
      You just coined a new FOTM word!!!

      • Thank you traildustfotm….I didn’t originate “FauxNews”, but the name is definitely fitting for their “fair and balanced” reporting.

  5. Was watching the Kelly-Moore caged non-marital arts contest and had to leave at 1:33 with a sudden attack of bulimia. I never had that before, what could have caused it? How can I prevent its recurrance?

  6. Have ya’ll noticed that when networks, etc., blast Trump…his poll numbers go up!!

  7. Kevin J Lankford

    Dang!….She went fishing for compliments, and she caught a “carp”.

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  9. I liked Kelly when she first started as an evening host, but it was not long until she started showing an attitude that displayed her as being superior to everyone else–what a turn off. I no longer have cable, so mercifully I don’t have to watch her anymore. In more recent pictures, it would appear that she cut her hair–thank goodness, it was starting to look rather stringy. Although, I thought perhaps she was going for the “sex goddess” look. I would not blame Trump for just staying away, I have little doubt that it will change his numbers. For her to have Moore on her show is really a turnoff.

    • I, too, liked Kelly when she first started…thought she was very intellectual, a little forward and yet diplomatic. Then, she cut her hair—OK…a woman sometimes has an epiphany or a day when it’s a GOOD IDEA to cut her hair…I could go with that…but NOW….she’s concentration-camp thin, and the short hair is slicked-back.In this last debate before the Iowa primary, I thought to myself, “If she’ d worn a tie….I’d say she was the third male moderator for the debate.” Any day now, I expect her to “come out” to us as someone who, twice married, and a mother of mulitple kids…has suddenly decided she is a trans-dresser, or maybe even gay….maybe even way beyond that and going for “the transgender change.”

  10. Gushing, that is the only word I can find to describe those two. They were actually gushing over each other and I got up and went to cook dinner, it was that riveting.
    I have given up defending Fox, they blew it with me.
    As for Trump, I wouldn’t walk into a set up either knowing there was going to be a Muslim activist there ready to attack him and most likely no one else.
    as for the other candidates, one by one, they are losing me. I am to the point I am ready to think that maybe Huckabee is the only sane one.
    Trump worries me with his past statements, but I love the things he is addressing and making others join in, they are exposing themselves.
    But when he says he could work with Pelosi and other things, my eyes glaze over.

  11. “he could work with Pelosi” !!!
    It’s clear that we are not going to find a perfect candidate. I’ve always liked Huckabee, and a number of others.
    The big surprise for me is the size of the betrayal in the media, including “FAUX NEWS.”

    • LOL..It probably IS Obama’s fault.
      Truckjunkie, don’t you get the feeling something is going on “behind the scenes” for Fox to be so toxic towards Trump?

  12. I still like to watch Megyn Kelly,but our local cable system is helping me with my “addiction” by taking all of Fox News’ programs off the air here. I’m convinced there’s something going on here-no news networks that are even remotely Conservative,my computers have failed me. (Two in under a week,THIS one freezes up,it took me 25 minutes to write this response-how long will it take to actually post? Or WILL it even post???) SOMETHING is definitely trying to keep me away from any Media. This HAS to be Obama’s fault. (sarc)

    • I feel your pain with the computer boogeyman. I think mine is because I refuse to “upgrade” to Windows 10. Every time they want us to upgrade, the same thing happens. Like suddenly my computer is broken.

      • Glennna47, Go to your Control Program for ALL programs. Find “Return to a different time (or date…sorry I can’t remember if it says time or date).
        Once there you can instruct your computer to go back and you can get rid of the changes you don’t like automatically.

      • Glenn47,
        Disable your Windows “automatic update”. I did that months ago, after doing that post on Windows 10, and my laptop is running faster.

        • Thank you Dr. We did do that and now we keep getting notices that our Windows program is fake with a black screen. It didn’t show up until we did the automatic update. They make it look very ominous.
          Enjoy that faster running computer, I live in envy, lol.
          Thank again.

          • IF you still need it…this is for Windows DEFRAG

          • Unfortunately, I got sucked into Windows 10 from the very beginning, as I am a bit of a sucker for new software to play with – especially if it is free.
            It still has a lot of bugs, but it is tamable if you put in a little extra effort.
            I have plugged most all of the holes that it comes with, and contrary to what many are saying, you can maintain your privacy levels close to the extent previously possible if you take the time to find and tweak the settings – and check those settings after cumulative updates install.
            Having said that, when I get tired of screwing with it, I just go open up my Chromebook, and I’m on the net ten seconds later – and I don’t have to worry about hackers, spies, malware, annoying updates (which load so seamlessly with the Chrome OS you don’t even notice them) or anything else. 😀
            It’s certainly no substitute for my killer desktop setup, but for what I bought it for (surfing the web, checking email, watching a few videos, etc.) it’s perfect.

        • actually, since that windows 10 post, I don’t even update any more..
          I get messages to update and I clear them from the windows update in the control panel.
          I know at some point windows will put it on me for not “upgrading” to their precious windows 10 (aka windows “big brother”), but I’ll deal with that when it happens.

  13. Maybe(?) this might help IF I am understanding you correctly. Do you have a Defragment Program on your computer? It cleans the junk out of your computer and IT IS FREE.

    And yet, at other times, I get the little sign when I try to go to a site that says something “no longer here.”…or something like that.

    • UP, yes we do, thank you. We turned off all we needed to so we wouldn’t have to have Windows 10. I think there is a boogeyman they insert to force us to upgrade.
      Thanks again.

  14. Megan Kelly. Puke.

  15. Southside Johnny

    The previous 28 responses ^ above here have all hit the nail on the head. The one thing I noticed a few years ago, when Kelly pushed Hannity back one hour, was that if you look closely she has really mean eyes.

  16. Megyn Kelly is just doing the bidding of her RINO establishment masters, and is using whatever she can fish out of the septic tank to do it.
    Michael Moore? Are you friggin’ kidding me?
    I’m glad Trump decided to give her the proverbial finger and not show up for the assault we all know was coming.

  17. And O’Reilly broke his word to Trump, the excuse being that no politician can stop from O’Reilly unearthing the truth? That’s a lot of crap.
    Trump is not politican, O’Reilly is.

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