Strange Apparition in Google Street View

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No doubt you’ve seen those Google Street Views of some street address, perhaps even of your own home.
For some time now, the Google Street View at 8877 Quarten, Switzerland, shows what appears to be two robed figures in the sky:

Liz Klimas writes for The Blaze, Nov. 21, 2011, that the image was first discussed on Google, Yahoo and other like discussion boards, then was reported on by Gawker last year and has sparked Internet fascination ever since. The latest wave of discussion over the image occurred in August of this year and appears to be happening again.
Speculations about what the apparition is include God; Death and a young girl; Princess Peach of the Mario Bros.; a bird; and a smudge on the Google camera.
See the image for yourself on Google Maps here. If you use your cursor to move the map down the road, the floating images will follow you, getting blurrier as you move further toward the tunnel. Or, here’s a video that will do the work for you showing what was captured on Google Street View at 8877 Quarten, Switzerland:

What do you think it is?

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7 responses to “Strange Apparition in Google Street View

  1. If it was sent by God, it would be crystal clear.
    It is of no value here.

  2. My first response is that it is Mary. I am also confused though because if it is an angel next to her the size seems disproportionate. If the second figure is our Lord I would assume HE would be more clear not less. It is very interesting.

  3. Inexplicable, Joseph and Mary???

  4. Perhaps a person is on the ground projecting hologram images up into the sky. (??) Cannot help but wonder. Ever been to The Haunted Mansion in Disney World and seen the hologram images of the people there ? It’s amazing how they do that !!

  5. I think someone from Google put it in there…

  6. I agree with Sage!

  7. Google hires local people to film certain designated locations for their map application. I’ve seen ads for this type of work on craigslist. I suspect a “lowtech-smart-alec” tinkered with the film footage before uploading to Google. It’s easy enough to blend two pictures using the “fade” transition. LOL


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