Stormy Daniels must pay Trump’s legal fees after judge dismissed her defamation lawsuit

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There is actually a sensible, constitutional judge in California!

John Fritze reports for USA Today that on Monday, Oct. 15, 2018, a federal judge in California dismissed a defamation lawsuit pornographic actress “Stormy Daniels” (real name Stephanie Clifford) had filed against President Donald Trump. U.S. District Court Judge S. James Otero ruled that the president’s criticism of Daniels is protected by the First Amendment.

Stormy filed the defamation lawsuit in April after Trump tweeted that she’s a “con job”, in reference to her remarks in television interviews alleging that she had been confronted and threatened by a mystery man for her allegations of a sexual encounter with Trump 12 years ago.

On ABC’s execrable daytime show The View, Stormy even unveiled a sketch of the mystery man, who strangely looks just like her porn-actor husband Brendon Miller.

In his tweet, President Trump called the man in the sketch a “non-existent man” and Stormy as a “total con job”.

During arguments last month, Judge Otero indicated that Trump’s tweet is Constitutionally protected speech. In his ruling Monday, Otero further described the tweet as a hyperbolic statement aimed at a public figure:

“If this court were to prevent Mr. Trump from engaging in this type of ‘rhetorical hyperbole’ against a political adversary, it would significantly hamper the office of the president. Any strongly-worded response by a president to another politician or public figure could constitute an action for defamation.”

Soon after Judge Otero’s ruling, Stormy’s attorney Michael Avenatti, who also represents Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s false accuser and perjurer Julie Swetnick, filed an appeal to the infamous 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

“My, what big man-hands you have, Stormy!”

Judge Otero’s ruling also ordered Stormy to pay Trump’s legal fees.

As reported by the UK’s Independent, on March 14, 2018, Stormy established a Crowd Justice page, asking for donations to pay her attorney’s fees, security expenses, out-of-pocket costs associated with the lawsuit, and possible “damages for speaking out”. The page raised more than $10,000 that day.

In effect, the useful-idiot Trump “resisters” who donated to Stormy are paying Trump’s legal fees. HA HA HA HA HA!


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24 responses to “Stormy Daniels must pay Trump’s legal fees after judge dismissed her defamation lawsuit

  1. Kelleigh Nelson


  2. Somehow POTUS is surrounded by an impenetrable protective shield, the evil done backfires. Stormy and the resisters got sucked in, jajaja.

    • There does seem to be a battle on a spiritual/higher level that most cannot detect. I’ve been pondering who is there to continue Trump’s America First agenda? Ron DeSantis? Jim Jordan? I currently do not see anyone of promise currently on the horizon. But I do believe as Steve Bannon said that the America First/Trump agenda will destroy the America hating DemocRat party as it now stands.

      • “I’ve been pondering who is there to continue Trump’s America First agenda?”

        Me, too. What concerns me is that populists’ agenda mostly peeters out after the populist is gone, e.g., Pres. Andrew Jackson and Huey Long.

        • Dr Eowyn . . . I would hope that just as The Lord brought Donald Trump to the forefront, that He has another individual out there somewhere, being prepared to come to the aid of this nation. This is certainly a matter for fervent prayer on our part.

          • Auntie Lulu, we are not going to be left out in the open without protection, POTUS is not going to leave the country to the old Democrats on a silver platter, the left is old and soon will be leaving, when 2024 rolls around there are going to be new faces and new ideologies and new struggles, it is up to “we the people” to continue President Trump’s legacy of keeping America as great as he left it.

          • Auntie LuLu: What about Vice President Pence? I think if he runs for office, after President Trump serves 2 terms, he would make a great leader. I’m sure the president gets great advice from V.P. Pence, behind closed doors, in regards to keeping America great. Leeann

  3. These two are so unladylike, that’s right, let’s see who’s got the biggest finger and do one another in? The joke’s on them. Low life, one is a slut the other an ugly loser! And they both lost money.

    • They were giving the finger to Trump. Such venom and hatred will catch up with them sooner or later, a la the picture of Dorian Grey. It’s already happened to Kathy Griffin, who’s more grotesque by the day.

  4. Kevin J Lankford

    What is really sad, unfathomable, and hilarious, is how the left and media are still trying to make martyrs of a “porn” actor and false accusers.

  5. Perhaps this turn of events will serve as warning to others who wish to run a scam on someone else. I think it is down right hilarious.

    • I wonder what Avenatti, the creepy porn lawyer, thinks about this? Maybe the “Russians” did it?

    • leeann Springer

      In light of recent events, this can happen to anyone. I hope you’re doing better Aunti Lulu! I was sorry to hear that you had health issues. I said my prayers for you. Leeann

  6. LOL – Horseface gets her comeuppance.

    Gotta love that.

  7. Hee! Hee! Hee! Looks like Mrs. Ed got egg on her face! I love schadenfreude! GO TRUMP!!!

  8. I would be extremely wary of engaging Trump. It’s not dumb luck but that man is brilliant (whether anyone admits it or not). He doesn’t roll over for attackers, he takes the fight to them and as a result his enemies wind up bloodied and he rides off into the sunset. That’s the worst kind of opponent to face but these dimwitted Dems keep coming back for more.

    • Well stated MC. I consider Trump to be on Buchanan’s intellectual level, but has the personality to translate that intellect into what the American working & middle class people can understand. He is also “in touch” with the American people, and knows how to counteract our enemies who control the lying MSM’s canards, fake news, and anti-American global agenda. He based a large portion of his MAGA campaign on Buchanan’s 92,96, & 2000 runs.

  9. Hurricane season is almost over, no more STORMS BLOWING, sorry can’t paste the pic!


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