Storm Photos from Virginia Beach, VA

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These photos were taken around 9:00 this morning and sent to my BFF, Kelleigh.

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  1. Wow, scary. Prayers for those affected to be safe.

  2. It seems to have abated for the most part here in southeast md. but Ocean City has suffered a great deal of damage. Our street is flooded but the water was around 35 feet from our home in the front and probably 50 feet in the back. We’re not near the ocean or bay but have terrible drainage in heavy rains. We are thankful we haven’t lost power yet. The winds have been constant for more than 24 hours with lots of severe gusts.
    I have many family members north of Baltimore who are still at risk in addition to many in NJ and NY who are just beginning to feel the storm. Please pray.


  4. Mother Nature. Mankind builds nukes and puffs up his chest.
    Mom detonates Hypernovas, and considers us ‘quaint’.
    You see something like Sandy, and you cannot help but appreciate and respect the power and force in our world and that it’s a tiny aspect of the forces that drive the universe.

    I wish only the best and brightest for those in Sandy’s path and asl the favor of the God’s and Goddesses in watching over them all.

    • Marlene,

      FOTM is a privately-owned Christian Conservative blog. When you comment on my blog, you are a guest, much as a guest in someone’s home. I would never and have never gone onto a pagan (or any non-Christian) blog and proselytize my Christian beliefs — out of simple respect for my host. Please take your “gods and goddesses” propaganda somewhere else.

      • So much for the Tolerance of Christians I’ve been speaking to muslims about. I’ll not be doing that again, to be sure, nor will I continue promoting your blog as I’ve been doing.
        You see only my faith, and ignore the rest–very Limited perspective. This battle against the muzzies involves ALL non-muslims, yet even in the midst of the slow-invasion…intolerance for an Ally, due to faith, and a few words you dislike and ignored the sntiment of.
        I was praising Creation, but because I didn’t do so in Your way–you cast me out.
        No problems, I’m gone from here after this, and will never be returning.
        Atheists, Christians, muslims…I meet hardliners and extremists in those faiths daily, and have a very nicely-armoer skin.
        Your blog, you’re rules, but I do pity your sadly narrow and blindered perspective, unseeing of the wider world and larger stage we all stand upon.
        Also, keep this in mind, were it NOT for Paganism, Christianity would surely NOT exist in it’s present form considering all that was mis-appropriated from out faith and cultures by earlier Christians, and Paganism dates back to before the last Ice Age.
        You’d think you’d have some appreciation for us, or at least a nod of respect, but sadly that is not so.
        I believe there’s something in that Book abour respecting Elders, but plainly it doesn’t apply to us.

        You have my pity, but you’ll never again have my recognition.

        Leave me be from henceforth on, and I will leave you be in like kind.

        You get One Warning.
        That was it.


        • Wow. Aren’t you the rude one.

          You, an Edmonton Canadian, come onto a privately-owned blog that publicly states we are Christian Conservative Americans. Instead of being respectful, you abuse FOTM’s open comment policy to spout about your pagan “deities.” And if I ask you to please not do that, you hurl the “intolerant” insult. You even have the gall to use a lewd pornographic image as your gravatar — leading others to sin — on FOTM, a Christian site with St. Michael the Archangel on our masthead.

          My advice to you is to curb your narcissistic exhibitionism. The Internet is not a safe place. Using your real name while publicly displaying pornographic images of yourself is an open invitation. And don’t count on your pagan “gods and goddesses” demons to protect you.

        • Ms. Wilkins, I consider what you said, “You get One Warning,” as a threat against this blog. You bolster your opinions about paganism, yet you still do not publicize or proclaim just exactly what your system of belief entails. You are hiding behind something evil. Be advised that St. Michael the Archangel is our patron and thus, you are powerless.

          The Triune God, God the Father,God the Son, Jesus, and God the Holy Spirit, One God, three Divine Persons, have never “not existed” and are not subject to time. Your claim that we should respect “paganism” as the ancient belief system is therefore ludicrous. Existence itself comes from the Triune God, the God we worship in Christianity. In order to properly proclaim creation, you must do so with an informed conscience towards the Truth, acknowledging and proclaiming that all creation comes from the Triune God. We have been given creation because of His great love for us. Accordingly, creation is not a god and is subject to the One, True God.

          Tolerance has turned into a practice which motivates lukewarmness. On this blog, we proclaim the Truth of the One, True God, wherein we will never be lukewarm about our Faith and how much we love Him. As Dr. Eowyn said, you are a guest upon this blog, and you are not welcome to violate the First Commandment in our presence, which commands us not to have any false gods before us, including all of your pagan gods. Hence, we oppose you and remain intolerant of evil at all times. You cannot negotiate with evil: there is no place for tolerance when it comes to evil practices.

          Ms. Wilkins, I hope that you will ultimately welcome the One, True God into your life. You are wasting time and energy otherwise. I will say a prayer for you to Jesus upon signing off from this comment that you will come back to Him.

        • Sad, sad, sad . . .

  5. Wow!

  6. Everyone I have heard from in NJ is without power but they are okay. Thank you for surrounding them in prayer.

  7. I continue to pray for the victims of this disaster. Most probably at the coming Mass this Sunday, there will be a collection for U.S. Catholic Relief Services for all of the victims.


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